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I haven't run any of the leaked builds so I'm only going by what been written on the Internet. As near as I can tell they didn't do desktop users any favors other than the boot to desktop option. If anything they just moved more stuff to Metro. I haven't seen anything there to entice me to want to switch my desktop PC's from 7 to 8. On the other hand the improvements they made to Metro do sound like a step in the right direction. It will be good for those that do use Metro. I run 8 on my laptop and plan on updating it to 8.1 when it hits the store. Other than Slacker Radio and some games I don't run too many Metro Apps. Even still, I welcome any changes to the Metro Start Screen that will make it easier to organize the tiles and get more of them on the screen. The small tiles should be great for stuff like Microsoft Office where all you need is an icon to tell what it is. I love Windows 7, Windows 8, not so much. I've warmed up to it a bit but IMHO it still has a long way to go to be an all around multi device OS. I'm not sure Microsoft has that intent so desktop PC users could end up being left out of the loop. To be honest even with a touch pad the gestures aren't all that much fun. I'm a little disappointed in Microsoft right now but I won't be abandoning ship any time soon. Windows 7 will be supported for years to come and who knows, maybe some of the improvements from 8 will make it into 7 with a SP or 2.
Someone just donated their old desktop to me. It had 7 on it. At first, I was going to keep 7 on it. But I've been writing an app for engineering students and plan to write more apps for engineers (I'm an engineer with some programming skills). Needed 8 on the desktop, so I upped it to 8.

If you don't do programming for 8, there's really no reason why you should up to 8.