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Plummeting PC sales expose fiction of Windows 8 numbers

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    the Windows 8 train wreck has certainly accelerated the industry's hurtle into the abyss.
    The Train Crash metaphor is how it is with me with Windows 8. I can see the disaster coming, I know it is going to hurt, but I can't stop myself from watching.

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    Windows 8 is better than Vista, but at least Vista didn't destroy PC sales like Win 8 is doing. I'm glad I was given a choice of operating system with my latest laptop, but then I would have done the same thing I did with Vista on my last laptop. I would have formatted the HDD and installed what I wanted.
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    I predict a huge backlash if Microsoft puts a Start button on the old-fashioned desktop and ties it into the Metro Start screen. That kind of wretched experience and its concommitant bad publicity, like Chris Pirillo's iconic "Dad Test," will only make Windows 7 and XP users more cynical.
    I am wondering how bad the train wreck will be when that happens.
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    Would it be that big a deal if a few manufacturers stopped making desktop PC's? I personally wouldn't lose any sleep if Dell or HP or Toshiba decide to not build desktop PCs anymore. It might actually work out better for companies like ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, Biostar etc. I build my own and hope to build one or two more in my lifetime. Obviously if they all jumped ship that would be bad, but if only a couple of retailers ditched prebuilt desktop PC's I don't think it would be earth shattering. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    I am not sure it is the desktops that are suffering. More likely to be the laptop type things.

    Specialist pc manufacturers like chillblast and palicomp are doing fine as far as I know.

    Chillblast - The UK's most awarded Custom PC builder - Cheap PCs - Gaming PCs - Workstations
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    I'll confess to not knowing what's selling and what's not. At one time I was wanting to buy a tablet. I've never owned one. One thing I was sure about was I didn't want an RT device. I also wanted at least a 10 inch screen. The hybrids with the detachable keyboards/docks were what appealed to me. The price didn't though. I just couldn't help but compare that to what I could get in a laptop for the same price. I don't travel much if any so portability wasn't that big a deal for me. As long as I can carry it out to my deck without getting a hernia I'm OK with a big laptop versus a little tablet. I went big and bought an ASUS K75DE. The trade off for having a touch screen just wasn't worth it to me. The younger generation would likely go the other way though and buy the tablet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Unfortunately, it does seem 8 is making the situation worse.
    I am not entirely surprised.
    Agreed but also the OEM's and the so called 'expert' retailers are not helping matters either. Looking at my local PC superstore they have rows upon rows (or that's how it appears to me) of laptops with W8 on them. Don't think any of them are touchscreen and the sales staff aren't much help!! Just maybe though many people did not need or require a laptop in the first place and a tablet works just fine for them. But the tablet market is highly price sensitive unless you want the fruit company fashion accessory iPad so it will be interesting to see how MS reacts.

    Okay so maybe MS should have been more proactive in this area with training and leaflets but so could the OEM's as well. We all know tablets are limited for what is often described as real work and I couldn't live with one - I need a desktop for business use and a laptop when away from base. But those tablets have a market and MS want a slice of the action. Whether they have left it too late we will wait and see.

    The immediate problem that MS has is they need to sort out the reputation that W8 seems to be gaining by the day which they could easily do. Fortunately most folks that are not going to use W8 (myself included) have a perfectly good W7 system running. Hopefully MS will continue to pursue the tablet/smartphone market but also acknowledge the requirements or preferences of their existing W7 users. Whether W8.1 will be the answer is still pure speculation IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenda View Post
    This 'death of the desktop' will end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy unless people stop deliberately talking desktops down in favour of toys...oops, tablets and phones.

    When the 'desktop. dies, so will home/hobby computing as we know it.
    I really can't see the death of the desktop any time soon. What I do see happening is a far smaller footprint than what we traditionally have now. The Intel NUC is a good example (shame about the lack of USB3 but that will come). Once other manufacturers jump on this bandwagon then who knows, maybe desktop sales will start to move again upwards on the graph as there will be a serious reason to upgrade. Just my thoughts.
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    the PC is dead, long live the PC.

    just because HP as a maker of crap PC loses sales we use this as evidence that all PCs will die? the article also said Lenovo has 10% growth in PC sales. It is like saying Chrysler lost sales and went bankrupt, so the car itself must die.

    Windows 8 barely has anything to do with lower sales. If someone needs a new PC they don't postpone that purchase just because of W8. It is just that in most cases the old PC still is good enough. More and more games are played on consoles, making PC upgrades less important. Most people don't know the difference between Windows 8 and XP anyway. Msot people don't even know that windows refers to the OS, not the hardware and when they call support and get asked what version of Windows they have they just say "windows of course, the windows version, why do you ask?".

    I also notice privately how I use my home desktop and laptop less. Consequently an upgrade is less important to me. I used to use a laptop to read the news on the couch and at some point I planned to buy a new laptop. however, now I got my 5.5" cellphone and just use that. Same with iPads, etc.
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    Your Mileage May Vary

    I use my desktop more than ever before:
    • Editing pictures
    • Editing video
    • Running VMs
    • Creating TAFE assignments (e.g. Flash animations, MySQL, web pages and writing reports)
    • Browsing the Internet
    • Listening to music
    • Record keeping
    • etc.
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Plummeting PC sales expose fiction of Windows 8 numbers
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