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Only Surface domination. !! I thought Ms's goal was TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION.

".....You will be absorbed ....You Will comply .... Resistance is Futile......" (SevenOfNine).

Problem with the surface is it's just TOO expensive compared with some much better 'specced and flexible laptops. I'm not sure of the economics of this business but I for one can't imagine doing any sort of spread sheets or power point work on a 7 inch screen so an RT is out for me as it will be for a lot of other people too.

I'm also not paying around 1,000 USD for a thin piece of glass which has less capability than a 400 USD laptop - and unlike a laptop it's the devils own job to either swap the disks for larger faster models like the new 500 GB SSD's and the upcoming (affordable finally) 1 TB SSD's or even up the RAM to 16 GB. IF you add a keyboard and a mouse you are talking well over 1,000 USD (including TAX). - Sorry Ms but there are a lot of other options at that price even though the actual Surface product looks good.