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OT: Xbox One, the next debacle..,.,

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    OT: Xbox One, the next debacle..,.,

    Microsoft has been quite cagey about its plans for games licensing on the new Xbox One, but multiple reports now suggest there's going to be very little incentive for a second-hand games market anymore, and buyers could get stung with extra charges. On Thursday received a note from a senior member of a UK retailer saying that each second-hand Xbox One game will require a 35 ($53) activation fee to run. The source also claimed that would limit the resale price for used games to 10 per cent off the full retail cost.

    Now MCV reports another industry source saying that while Microsoft isn't setting prices per se, they are setting up a royalty system for themselves and the game publisher on second hand purchases that provides little incentive for the stocking of a second-hand selection. The store will get about the same percentage of the cost of a game as it would for a new sale.

    Once a game has been sold to the shop it is registered and deleted from the seller's Xbox account, and each new game is coded into Microsoft's servers once activated. During the Xbox One launch, Microsoft was keen to point out that an always-on connection for gaming isn't needed, but it seems it will be to access the games themselves.

    Microsoft has confirmed that you will still be able to pop around to a friend's house and play a game with them, as long as you sign in on their console and are authorized to play it. But swapping games with your mates doesn't look possible unless you also swap account details.
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OT: Xbox One, the next debacle..,.,
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