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New Windows 8.1 leak includes 'Metro' file explorer and im

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    It kinda makes me sad that everything I read about windows 8 is something to do with the Metro UI which I do not use and will never use. I wish they could focus some of this development time on the desktop......
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    Sorry, but the way the Desktop is coded, certain things can't be enabled like they are with the metro aspect of WinRT.

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    I think the Desktop UI has basically peaked. There isn't anything more or less that can be done to improve it. You can't make windows on the Desktop more windowsy...

    Honestly, I think Microsoft should change some things with the WinRT app regarding screen estate. For example, the calculator app shouldn't be full screen. Some apps should be in smaller windows if coded, and can be moved around with using two fingers on a touchscreen. Task switching with the metro app switch bar can be improved. A good multi-windowing UI with the modern UI can be more tiled than anything because honestly, if you look at some screenshots people have posted on the Desktop with a ton of windows open, you only can legibly make out two or three windows content wise, mostly you will see window chrome. That isn't efficient.
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New Windows 8.1 leak includes 'Metro' file explorer and im
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