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Sorry, bringing back the Start menu won't help Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenda View Post
    Here's the current drive configuration on this laptop.

    The top row are internal drives, 2 x 750GB each partitioned in two equally sized partitions.

    Row 2 are external pocket-drives, each 640GB again partitioned into two equal partitions.

    Third row is an external 2TB with multimedia files (backup drive).

    Plus Blu-ray drive and a 1GB thumb-drive.

    There's another 500GB external not currently connected, it also contains backups.

    Hahaha. Remember I told you my place got burglarized a few months ago? And I only had a PC and a couple of backup drives in the home office. Now, imagine if the same guy hit your home... All those drives...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenda View Post

    Well personally, I collect Operating Systems, and also have many hours of video & recorded TV shows. Most software is also backed-up there. I won't store anything in the cloud under any circumstances, so I can never have too much physical storage.There is over 15 years'-worth of stuff backed up as well. I also have the installation files and patches for all my software because if we do get forced into the cloud and subscription-based software, I'll be disconnecting and going 'net-less'. The cloud holds no interest whatsoever for me, and I refuse to pay for software more than once, or buy software which requires an internet connection in order to buy or use.

    Me as well - But there are various Production programs that require internet activation - Like Pro Tools, the new versions of it. Even the Phone Activation requires some kind of email to be sent to you for an activation code to tell the phone ops. Most AutoDesk software is like this too, even all the way back in time when I was using Engineering tools it always required some kind of Dongle or Permanent Internet Connection, and the Automotive Software I install connects to the internet for activation. This is a brand new thing for that software, it previously required a special Key disk on Floppy - And the Disk could not be copied, you have one and only one chance to use it. They moved to a Licensing Server and installed the extra software for it into the program.

    It makes life difficult for me when I have to re-install these programs. The most Painless software, is Tracs, but it just connects to the net, then activates your license using your account number when in good standing.

    These Professional Apps are not going to go backward, they will add even more protection that requires an always-on connection.
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    @Lehnerus: Yes, it is a bit of a beastie. It wasn't cheap, tho. i7 quad-core, Geforce graphics, 18" screen, big drives, 5.1 sound....**DROOL!!**

    @goodintentions: I do take your point. However, the drives are not usually all plugged-in, or even with the computer. I plugged them in for the purpose of grabbing the screen-shot.

    @XweAponX: I do understand that more and more publishers are going in this direction, and why. But I do find it sad.


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    Quote Originally Posted by goodintentions View Post
    Now, imagine if the same guy hit your home... All those drives...
    You have to take the good with the bad.

    It's not like it's practical to store TBs of data in the "Cloud".

    I calculated (based on our network performance) that it would take 4 months to download my data (if it was in the "Cloud").
    It would take about 20 months to upload it!
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    Eagerly awaiting Terabit internet speed. Cloud may make sense for storage then.
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Sorry, bringing back the Start menu won't help Windows 8
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