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Sure, an i5 with an SSD will outrun an i3 that may or may not have an SSD. But if you need graphics power, or more ram, or a bigger screen or more USB ports...you might really be left hanging.
True that, however convenience is also an issue to consider, very high-end laptops can be really heavy and bulky, but you are definitlely right.

It does always look cool to pop out a Surface Tablet though
The other day a work colleague of mine asked about my Pro and mentioned it was a waste of money after finding out the cost and that it had no 4G modem, compared to an ipad.

I was like, umm it's a full computer. Not a giant ipod.

No, a waste of money to me is spending $500+ on a giant ipod.
I have a smartphone with unlimited minutes, text, data over 4g, and unlimited internet tethering. Why would I want to buy a giant ipod and has to pay a separate 4g plan if I could tether my phone to my windows 8 hybrid?

I've found that a lot of apple users have trouble understanding this. They've been told that they absolutely have to have a 4g modem in their tablet or it wouldn't work. They've no idea that they could tether their smartphone to their tablets.