Bad, but not quite Vista

Given its subjective nature, satisfaction isnít something that readily lends itself to quantification, but that hasnít stopped the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) from measuring the satisfaction of U.S. customers for more than 19 years now.
Windows 8 hasnít exactly been able to charm PC users off their feet and Microsoftís latest ACSI rating seems to confirm as much, with the companyís customer satisfaction rating falling one point from last yearís score of 75 and as many as four points from the companyís best of 78, which it achieved in 2011.

Things, however, donít appear to be as bad as they were following the launch of Windows Vista. Back then, Redmond shed three rating points. If we go back another year to 2006, the first time Microsoft appeared on ACSIís radar, it is clear that the companyís customers are more satisfied with its products now than they were back then.
Windows 8 Causes Dip in Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Rating | Maximum PC