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More than half of Windows 8 users just treat it like Win 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbofish View Post
    The Laptop is fading away? The Desktop is inflexible? Do you work for a living? In case you haven't noticed, the world still runs off of laptops and desktops. A tablet is inflexible do to its limitations of power and usability.

    Right now, I'm typing this on my laptop although I often use my phone or tablet to do the same thing. Of course I can type about 10X faster on my laptop than on my phone or tablet. In a few minutes, I will VPN into my work desktop and check on a few things. Trying to do that on my phone or tablet is painful due to the limited screens/input devices. But if I had a choice between my laptop or my desktop, I would pick my desktop since it has the most power, best keyboard, biggest screen and most options

    The bigger the device gets, the more options and flexibility you have simply because of what the device itself can accomplish.

    To be honest, I have almost retired my tabet after getting my Note 2 phone. Maybe tablets are on their way out
    This is why I've only been getting hybrids. No laptop. And my desktop got stolen some months ago. Burglary of my home. Anyway, my hybrid does everything that a tablet can and everything that a laptop can. I travel a lot for my work, so the 14-15 hour battery life is a godsend for me. Sometimes, I can just sit in my car parked in the field and crank out a quick report and email it to the clients.

    If anything, I would put a lot of money in the hybrid devices of the future. Hybrids really is the way to go. They're flexible, work like a laptop, play like a tablet, and just look really cool when you're using them.

    Right now, my only gripe is the split screen ratio. Why 1:4 ratio? I don't get it. I want to know the genius that thought it was a good idea to have a fixed split screen ratio of 1:4. Did this person ever actually try to use this ratio to do any actual work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    So then why want Windows 8 then if it's so terrible and restrictive of "choice?"
    Coke, I know you are the foremost Proponent of Windows 8 in these boards, and I'm with ya, I love it. Despite what I post sometimes. I nitpicked Windows 95 through 7, that will never stop. I think what we see in these forums is a reflection of the attitude toward Windows 8 from outside of these forums. It reflects on us here, sometimes we get caught up in it here. Sometimes the complaints are petty, sometimes it is valid. But most of us in here, I can tell would not be in here if we did not like Windows 8 on some level. I try like hall to get people to install it, but most of my customers, well basically it is FEAR. Fear of the unknown, it's why we all argue about everything from Windows 8 to Politix to Religion (Not in here, but outside of here).

    And I think the decision for Microsoft to build windows 8 they way they did was partially a political decision based on how they could farm out programs and features. So they made a deal with Stardock and other mod makers. And the App Store, it was designed ,ess for usefulness and more for there to be an internal money-generating app for MS from within the OS, and Windows 7 lacked this.

    Last I saw, it costs about 165 bucks to post an Apple iOS app, I tried to make a Reverbnation App for my band and I got stopped short at the "Pay this NOW" button. So I imagine that Microsoft has a fee for posting apps in their store as well.

    Either way, Windows 8 causes money to flow, Now, I'm for this, because it helps the economy, and therefore the 2nd political reason for Windows 8 being as it is - To HELP the IT Industry, somehow. Now, if some of that money is redirected back into the pockets of the people who make these hundreds of little repetitive apps, then that's good - Not good for the number of apps, but good because commerce has commenced. And of course we all have the ability to go through the available apps and buy what we think we can use. Of Course, there are not many trials, but sometimes I just take a chance and buy something outright.

    So, I'm with you, I don't really have complaints against the OS, just the way it was marketed and designed. If MS tools around in these forums, they'll see some of the real issues that they need to deal with, and hopefully we'll have helped them decide how to fix things.
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More than half of Windows 8 users just treat it like Win 7
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