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Windows 8 Fails to Impress in Western Europe Too [Gartner]

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    I think if you take the reports by these analytics companies with a small grain of salt, then they can be useful. Remember, whether you believe in their figures or not, plenty of organisations, news sites etc do believe in them, so that means the majority.

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    They're nothing but a bunch of smooth talking, pencil pushing, slide rule toting buffoons who have never implemented a major system much less support one post implementation. I'll never forget an admin manager type saying in a meeting when we were planning a major Oracle / PeopleSoft upgrade "Well, Gartner will tell you NT servers will outperform Unix". I ate the poor guy for breakfast and crapped him out by lunch. Corporate suits who get glassy eyed and allow themselves to be enamored by these clowns need to be put out to pasture. I fully agree about taking their reports with a grain of salt but way too many suits take their word as gospel.

    By the way Ray, I love your viewpoints and posts. We're on the same wavelength.

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    LOL! As soon as I saw Gartners in the title I knew Jimbo would be in there pouncing on this one.

    I'm 100% with you. After Moody's downright lied to the American people and the world, I wouldn't waste my time on any one kind of these agencies. You're better off reading something from the real world. I just can't see how anyone could get it so wrong. Absolutely nothing gets my goat more than this. This affected me directly as an American in a building business.

    Here you can read all about how banks, realtors, lawyers, and the richer are stealing middle-class Americans' equity in their houses. Mortgage foreclosures continuing galore. Now they're trying to tell us that real estate increased by 10% as of late. Whiptee doo! It's got a long way to go before it's back to where it was. And then the poor investors who invested in this crap!

    Subprime Mortgage Crisis Explained

    Subprime Mortgage Crisis Explained
    The subprime mortgage crisis is explained by the use of credit default swaps to guarantee the risk of subprime mortgages. In addition, banks and hedge funds sold these mortgages to the secondary market, where they were repackaged and resold. Since no one felt they would be accountable for the risk, it created a bubble in the housing market. All was fine until housing prices started to decline, and borrowers defaulted on these unsustainable mortgages. Those who had invested in the massive mortgage market, starting with Bear Stearns and ending with many financial institutions throughout the world, found they weren't protected from the risk.
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Windows 8 Fails to Impress in Western Europe Too [Gartner]
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