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Windows Blue shows why Microsoft may turn Windows into....

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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Well, they charge a yearly subscription for XboxLive and it doesn't seem like the entire world went with the PS3 for free services. If the price is right, I'm doubting a lot of people wouldn't just stay with Windows.

    Windows, when legally licensed on all computers, can get quite expensive. A reasonable subscription model allowing handfuls of machines might well be worth the cost of admission. Not to mention, the added benefit of keeping up with the newest versions without having to pay a big cost up front. Only time will tell.
    Hi there
    that sort of model might work for corporates - however home users come from a different background --the OS is usually included when they purchase the machine so normally home users don't have to pay for a load of Windows licenses.

    Also paying for CONTENT such as TV streaming etc is a bit like paying for utilities --people don't OWN the water / electricity / gas etc so they will pay for these types of services - however software is different -- there's no reason why you can't OWN a perpetual license.

    For a non business user for example it makes almost ZERO sense to pay every month to RENT a CAR - most cars last 10 - 15 years or even longer these days so why pay huge rental amounts for a diminishing asset. I run a 12 year old BMW 328i which for me is far more comfortable than a modern new Honda CIVIC and costs me NOTHING per month --also runs with LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) as well which is CHEAP where I am and much more environmentally friendly than standard Gasoline / Petrol or Diesel.

    So the rental model doesn't necessarily save money and for non business people the whole model should be looked at VERY CAREFULLY.


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    I wish people would stop overreacting to rumors.

    I doubt they'd do this.

    The Xbox Live vs PSN comparison is disingenuous. You get what you pay for sometimes. Xbox Live has been rock solid, secure and safe. PSN is constantly hacked. Users have had their bank accounts emptied. There is no security. I'd rather pay for the Xbox Live and be secure and have more stability.
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    Yes, I have been saying that for a long while.

    Either pay a sub - rates vary depending what services you use ( can be topped up if you want extra ) - the os comes thrown in.

    [Or if you can buy it outright - it is damn expensive, and requires extra payments to use any MS services.]

    Why not?

    That is what you do with your phone.

    There will be no personal computers .

    There will probably some minimal free level of services - to avoid being accused of cutting off Granny.

    This gets MS an ever increasing revenue stream. Stevie B isn't kidding about monetising the customers.

    It will be a slow process so people don't notice. Like boiling frogs.
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    No way will I ever pay to "subscribe" to a PERSONAL computer OS.

    I really want to see MS fail and go out of business if this is the way they are going.

    I'm perfectly happy using Linux Mint.
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    We lease our cars. At least my wife's cars. For awhile having a minivan was great, now an suv makes more sense. It's always under warranty. Always getting new features.

    My two cars are a purchase, and one has been paid off about 6 years, but is all of a sudden costing me lots of repair dollars. Unsure how much more money I want to pump into this car.
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    So where does this end. When we go to our local Wal-mart and buy a Television or blu-ray player are we going to have to pay annual license usage fees on those too..

    With the ever increasing number of subscription based items there comes a point where the tightening of the belt gets so extreme you cut yourself in half. I can see the time where I have to choose between using a computer, or feeding my kids.. (No competition, the kids can beg )
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    The blogger also made this statement:

    That doesn't mean it will stop selling individual licenses to Windows. But a single Windows subscription could cover multiple devices, including tablets, Windows RT devices, and traditional computers. It will be cost-effective for those who buy into the Microsoft ecosystem.
    So he is just guessing at what MS will do. Hell they could sell out to China and go play on their boats.

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    Don't think it can't happen, but whether it will is another issue. Just take the new PC example, most come with AV software that is on a demo or such basis and then you are encouraged to subscribe for the full version with a years update's. Most AV software, no matter how you acquire it, is on a subscription basis; no subscription, no updates.

    In fact, most corporations are on a subscription model already, if you look at how they licence the software, so who is to say that Microsoft wouldn't look at a similar business model for consumers. Balmer and his tribe may feel that people are so locked in with Windows, that even if they made such a move, the majority would stay put.
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    So if I can ask what is the big deal about the return of the start button? Every article I read that is the big point, I think Microsoft should do a commercial informing people of classic shell, I have a start button now and it boots into the regular desktop.

    I am a little disappointed in most of you, it is clearly a opinion and to allow yourselves get so passionate about something that will never happen is unnecessary. The Author clearly states "A more likely scenario, though, is that Microsoft will eventually turn Windows into an annual subscription service" which means he has no evidence it is just his personal thoughts.

    I understand Microsoft has made some stupid mistakes since in business but they are not that stupid to create a subscription service when they are trying to get PC sales back to where they were on the launch of Windows 7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMGrier View Post
    I understand Microsoft has made some stupid mistakes since in business but they are not that stupid to create a subscription service when they are trying to get PC sales back to where they were on the launch of Windows 7.
    They're more interested in making everyone be in the giant full screen ad campaign a.k.a. Metro a.k.a. Modern, so they can collect money from customers to give to developers of apps, while taking 30% to do it at the same time as calling real computing "legacy" and hoping to do away with that sooner than later. Me make-a think.

    Me make-a show you:

    Click image for larger version

    It really make-a me think a lot about use of word "legacy" and use of word "modern". Maybe they make-a mix up between two word?
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Windows Blue shows why Microsoft may turn Windows into....
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