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Microsoft responds to 'extreme' Windows 8 criticism

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    Microsoft responds to 'extreme' Windows 8 criticism

    Microsoft appreciates the feedback on Windows 8. Up to a point.
    "There is a trend to the extreme," Frank X. Shaw, corporate vice president of corporate communications at Microsoft, wrote on The Official Microsoft Blog on Friday, addressing some of the harsher attacks.
    Here's a fuller quote:
    In this world where everyone is a publisher, there is a trend to the extreme -- where those who want to stand out opt for sensationalism and hyperbole over nuanced analysis. In this world where page views are currency, heat is often more valued than light. Stark black-and-white caricatures are sometimes more valued than shades-of-gray reality.
    So let's pause for a moment and consider the center. In the center, selling 100 million copies of a product is a good thing. In the center, listening to feedback and improving a product is a good thing.

    On CNET, IDC's Bob O'Donnell spoke to me in March. At that time he said: "There were certain decisions that Microsoft made that were in retrospect flawed. Notably not allowing people to boot into desktop mode and taking away the Start button. Those two things have come up consistently. We've done some research and people miss that."
    Microsoft responds to 'extreme' Windows 8 criticism | Microsoft - CNET News

    Get used to it M$ more is coming if you put a start button going to the metro screen.

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    Sometimes it just takes some a little longer for the message to get through.

    And further confirmation:

    The key is that many of the Windows 8 licenses have not yet been bought by consumers or companies. So Microsoft may have shipped 100 million licenses to OEMs, retailers, and companies, but people simply aren't buying them.
    That 100 million sales figure for Windows 8? Don't believe it. | Computerworld Blogs
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    Here is some more news on the Windows 8 scene and it comes from within M$.

    Anonymous Microsoft Dev: Here's Why Windows Is Slower & Less Innovative Than Other OSes.

    There's a lot of buzz around Windows 8's performance lately, with many claiming that Windows 7 is still a lot faster and more stable than Microsoft's new flagship operating system.

    “No matter what you think of the Windows 8 UI, the system underneath is rock-solid, as was Windows 7, and I'm proud of having been a small part of this entire process,” he concludes in a somewhat apologetic statement.
    Anonymous Microsoft Dev: Here's Why Windows Is Slower & Less Innovative Than Other OSes
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Microsoft responds to 'extreme' Windows 8 criticism
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