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No iTunes for Windows 8 devices anytime soon

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    No iTunes for Windows 8 devices anytime soon

    A Microsoft executive says in an interview with CNN Money that even though Microsoft would like to support an iTunes app for Windows 8, it's unlikely Apple will allow that in the near future.
    Read more at source:
    No iTunes for Windows 8 devices anytime soon | Microsoft - CNET News

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    What do they mean, as a Tile App, or as my regular iTunes app? iTunes is one of those programs that absolutely needs to be run from the Desktop. Ah, I see, they mean as a Tile App - MS wants it cos Zune Sux.
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    This could get confusing. Shall we call them

    programs v apps.

    Or apps v Tile apps.

    Not surprised. Why on earth would Tim want to give itunes app to MS. They might make a bit on the tunes - but it is better to keep the great software for their own product offering.

    Unless MS has something he wants and they do a trade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    but it is better to keep the great software for their own product.
    Hang on. Did you just call iTunes the great software. Heard it called many things, but not that before.
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    MS seem pretty keen to get hold of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    MS seem pretty keen to get hold of it.
    MS are pretty keen to push Metro too.
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    This thread title is just improperly worded.

    It should have been worded such: "No iTunes MS Store App In The For See-able Future." . . .
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    Seriously, who needs iTunes? There are plenty of apps out there that lets you have complete control over your music syncing needs. Hint: look up sharepod.
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    Okay I'm confused. I assume iTunes is available on the Windows 8 desktop, correct? I don't have any plans to install iTunes anytime soon, I just want clarification.
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    just install normal iTunes like I did with Skype the app don't have many functiond
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No iTunes for Windows 8 devices anytime soon
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