We dont want iTunes hanging around when were done with it anyway.. We just want to use it, leave money on the table, and be gone..
That's true - If I didn't need it, I wouldn't use it. I never bother with "backups" anyway. They always say "Back Up your iPhone" before you completely DELETE every byte of info from it. And do WHAT with the backup? Restore it? Since my Contax and Photos are all in my cloud, why bother. A Backup certainly does not backup my APPS, even though a backup does save a huge amount of data. Even if that data was the whole OS, since Apple won't let me put 6.1.2 back in, then I choose not to bother. All my IPAs are in iTunes, but I also back em up on my computer, there with the benefit of having my iTunes account info stripped out of the packages.

iTunes as a player - Well, it does not exist: It's "Quickslime." This is why the original ported VLC media player never worked in iTunes and they finally took it out - Cos it was limited to having to use Apple's Native Quickslime video player, which is inefficient compared to the gargantuan amount of codex VLC can play. So why should VLC for iPhone be any less than it is as a Desktop player? Plus it being FREE versus Apple's moneymongering and micromanagement of what can and can't be put in their Store apps.

Ergo, I rip my OWN CDs, I Import them all as MP3 Files ONLY, into iTunes. I can also drag them into my documents folder via DiskAid, and import them all using Bridge. This therefore is the benefit of Jailbreaking: You need iTunes for your basic store functions for any of that content, or to buy new apps, but ya don't need it to SAVE said apps, the IDs can be stripped out. You can use Appsync to add the IPAs back in if you leave the shell of Hackulo in there, which has just the installer left over, or you can use any number of command line apps to reinstall saved IPAs.

So, basically the last time I ever backed up my whole iPhone, was when it still had only 16GB on it, the whole 64 was not filled yet, heh. That was right before I upgraded to 6.1.2 and then I eVad3d immediately after. No waiting, straight to eVad3. I haven't had a non-Jailbroken iPhone for over 2 years now.