I am old and not a geek. I avoided Windows 8 based on comments from friends I trust, the software compatibility report that said most of my software would have to be replaced, and articles I read. I'll admit that I would only read information from rabid MS haters till their problem was obvious and then I'd move on. A month ago I bought a new laptop planning to install my Windows 7 on it. But, I thought I'd spend a little time playing with Windows 8. The computer I bought, a Toshiba, actually came with Toshiba's version of Windows 8.1.

For two days I hated Windows 8. I screwed it up and reinstalled it a half-dozen times. Since I live in Mexico the OS came in Spanish and I was delighted to find, eventually, that I could change it to English for 99% of the time. I was equally delighted to find that all of my really ancient programs worked just fine. I'm running Windows 8.1 with MS Office 2003 and an even older Random House Westers Unabridged Dictionary.

Then I discovered that with Windows 8.1 I could have the programs I used on the taskbar just like in Windows 7. Now, the only operational difference I can see between Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 is how I shut down the computer and where, on the rare occasions I need to, I go to find the programs that I don't have on my taskbar.

The specific complaints I remember from when Windows 8 came out seem to have been largely addresses by Microsoft. But, in any case, I'm quite happy running Windows 8 on both my laptop and my desktop.