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The TIMES - Ms presses Delete Key on W8

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    Quote Originally Posted by legacy7955 View Post
    It isn't a well kept secret that the legions of MBAs that come out of these expensive schools often times have little or no experience or knowledge about how to actually run a business successfully.

    Heck even former GM boss Bob Lutz stated that MBAs are killing US companies.
    Agreed (and not only in the US).

    Tami Reller should be marched into the salt mines (along with Julie Larson-Green).

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    Microsoft undergoing somewhat of the revolution it seems, even the new CFO is a woman. Good to see that happening, but I wonder if they are going to be super-hardnosed to make an impression.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Some ominous comments from the delightful Tami:

    Ms Reller said PC users had faced difficulties adapting to the new software.
    Since when is not liking something a "difficulty" - except in the sense that it is a difficulty for MS.

    changes were needed to make Windows 8 easier to navigate and capable of taking full advantage of the technology improvements that have come out since October.
    Technology improvements - surely you can't be referring to yet more metro stuff - you used the word improvement.

    "We've considered a lot of different scenarios to help traditional PC users move forward as well as making usability that much better on all devices"
    Move forward? To what - let me guess - more metro stuff. Why is that described as forward rather than different, or sideways , or backward?

    It looks like a big push - the spin is going into overtime.
    Hi there
    I like your comments

    Reminds me recently trying to find a Long distance Intercity Train in the UK over a recent Holiday period when I saw this notice in Manchester's Piccadilly main train station - was trying to get to London after arriving at Manchester Airport.

    " Due to On going Improvements Your service will be drastically reduced this weekend". !!!!!!

    -- Now I regard myself as being able to understand English probably as decently as a Native speaker - but can you really make head or tail of the above notice.

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    " Due to On going Improvements Your service will be drastically reduced this weekend". !!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    "Microsoft - Due to On going Improvements Your user-experience will be drastically reduced this year". !!!!!!
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    See that kind of thing all the time in London.

    They don't call usually call them "repairs " or works" anymore. Now it is "improvements" and "investments".
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    The one to watch out for is :

    Microsoft - Due to On going Improvements your user-experience will gradually be permanently degraded.
    We now realise we need to do more in order to help users adapt to the future.
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The TIMES - Ms presses Delete Key on W8
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