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Microsoft's own numbers show Windows 8 sales falling rapid

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    Ah I'm gonna defend Microsoft on this one.

    So the sales figure are falling? So what?

    The price was (very) cheap in the first few months so there was a spike of people upgrading. Now it's more expensive as an upgrade , fewer people are buying it, but why is that surprising or unusual?

    And now the word is out that there's a new version coming, people who didn't upgrade in the first round are holding off to see what that's like.

    So there's nothing there that isn't understandable. I don't think this story on its own says very much about the state of Windows or Microsoft.

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    I think it does. It says clearly 8 is selling badly.

    MS are paying lip service to doing something about it - so they are at least acknowledging the situation.

    You can disagree with them if you like.

    I have a horrible feeling they aren't going to do it right - it might be a hijack.

    Time will tell.
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    Many Businesses are returning Windows 8 because it takes too many steps to be productive. My sources at Dell have told me that many business machines have been returned requesting Windows 7 to be re put on them.
    Sources at Best Buy (and most are consumers purchasing it there) tell me they are also finding people complaining about windows 8 laptops and desktops when they get them home and many have returned them

    I think Microsoft had a great idea when making a Windows 8 tablet and for desktops and laptops it should have only been made for Touch. When Microsoft got the kinks out and made it more user friendly for non touch desktops and laptops, then they could deploy them, but I guess MS was greedy and thought the public would love their product being they ARE Microsoft <g>
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    They need to push through free Upgrades to put Win7 back on new PC's and for everyone who got stuck with the touchscreen OS on desktop PC's, now ruining MS's strength in Desktop Experience which most productive people rely upon.

    Release Win8 only on touchscreens.

    They can put Win8 explorer improvements in Win7 SP2 as long as it doesn't push any of the crApps or bring the ugly. Win7 is a perfect OS, shows no sign of age, yet is completely unappreciated by MS even though it's keeping them afloat.

    Meanwhile despite of a scare campaign about BIOS infection without Secure Boot, business is migrating nearly 100% from XPired into Win7 so that kinda kills plans to phase it out.

    If they don't want it, Win7 has its own forums which is the top tech forums on the web with more traffic than all others combined.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    If you accept the 100m for 6mths, factor in xmas bonanza, low intro price - it doesn't look good in relative terms.

    You could take a wild stab to generously extrapolate that to 200m over 12mths.

    Weren't there projections from IDC etc of around 320m pc's to be sold in 2013. Ballmer himself was hoping for 500m.

    MS are going to have to do something quite significant to get it going.

    I don't think tinkering around with windowing metro apps., or being able to open more than one app at a time is going to do it.
    That 500 million figure was from Ballmer saying that there are potentially 500 millions PCs and users for Windows 8 to be used on. That line was mostly to entice potential developers as there are over 500 millions PCs capable or running Windows 7, which 8 was designed to run better on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sashlon View Post
    Reading this 'news' forum is like watching the american Fox news channel: terrifying and hilarious all at once.
    And always pointing blame on one institution.... But I agree!
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Microsoft's own numbers show Windows 8 sales falling rapid
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