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    I'm with Jimbo. I don't like the idea of renting software via a subscription either.

    Mind you, I've never understood how software companies have gotten away with charging so much for so long anyway. I can maybe understand specialist software being expensive, but with software that has a worldwide appeal to both consumers and businesses, such as Photoshop, I don't understand why they price the software so high anyway. Surely just adding some new features to every new release costs a hell of a lot less than producing a Hollywood movie or developing a computer game, yet software is priced disproportionately higher.

    Once upon a time, Adobe were pretty much untouchable, but with software companies like Pixelmator (Mac only) hot on their tail and with the increase of Open Source software, surely this is a bad move by Adobe? They must already be losing huge amounts of sales from people who would buy the products if they were reasonably priced, but as they can't justify the unnecessarily high prices, opt for alternatives instead.

    And for those who do bite the bullet and buy their products, I doubt very many people upgrade to every new version, in fact I'm pretty sure almost everyone makes them last a while to get their money's worth. By introducing a subscription model, they are removing the possibility of 'making it last a while', therefore I can see it driving a lot of people away eventually. $600 a year is a joke.

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    This is the other shoe falling - Remember I was talking about the Automotive Database software is now being designed as Cloud based software - Which is fine and dandy for the Corporate half of the World. But the Other half of the world, the part WE live in, the part where we actually NEED a hammer to be IN the toolbox, depends on the databases also being distributed in such a way it can be used LOCALLY.

    Because when it comes down to it, regular people, regular working people who work and buy stuff - They WANT something for their munny - In my case if I pay 50 bucks for something I don't want to be RENTING it. I rent the land my Trailer is on, that's bad enough. I PAY over 750 bux in BILLS every month for stuff I need to allow me to LIVE, like water and electricity and Cable service. So when I buy a new computer with an OS on it? I WANT THAT DISK - New Windows 8 PCs are NOT shipping with any kind of OS disk! This pi$$es me off, thank you. It means *I* have to acquire the install disks I NEED to fix broken Windows 8 PCs. Which usually means I gotta BUY every version of this OS just top get the DISKS. So if I hafta disk out cash, than means if I dont get DISKS, it's worthless.

    This new move by Adobe is not going to be popular - They will find out quick, people are not willing to just rent Photoshop - They'll need it to be able to run anywhere Internet access or not.

    Microsoft wanted years ago to create a cloud based OS, so that the PC would become a dumb terminal, possibly even booting from their own remote OS servers. I've seen some big networks where all of the workstations booted from the network. This, again is Corporate Mentality - And it is fine for the Corporation but not good for individual users in that Corp or for us as Consumers.

    It's just a bad business model created to do nothing but generate money, it's not enough to be making a decent profit from selling software that everyone uses - Which is a guarantee of sales - But they want to treble it, so they can sit around in their bank vaults naked counting their money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Hi there
    50 USD a month -- no good if you aren't connected to the internet -- for a product that costs around 700 USD (updates from earlier versions are cheaper than the base price) -- so after 1 Year you are already going to be worse off while after two you really start to feel the pain.

    As I said - for Software subscription models --I'm Outt'a here.

    In the long term its always much more EXPENSIVE -- and you'll be surprised with these monthly things how so many dollars here, so many dollars there just adds up to a horrendous total

    Welcome back to Impossible budgeting and never ending Debt spirals. Honestly people KEEP AWAY and minimize at all costs monthly outgoings.

    And they'll increases the prices annually to keep pace with "the cost of providing the services"...

    Once my existing Creative Suite package becomes out of support, I think looking around for free software will be a major priority.

    Technet - $360 per year, Creative Cloud $600 per year. Most of the other products I have I purchased lifetime subscriptions for. And then there's online gaming like WoW.. Pretty soon we'll be paying as much to use software as we do on paying a mortgage...

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    So let see if I have this straight: If any software company decides to change the way they put out their product (software) so that it becomes a pay as you go; then they are just ribbing off the public so they can make a better profit. These companies are nothing more than big meanies who are causing you to not have the ability to download their latest product for free off of some torrent site.

    There seems to be the thought that if someone is just Joe/Jean user that he/she should be able to use this product (because it is truly important to their every day life) without the need to pay. Come on you big mean companies why should anyone have to pay more than a dime (Lucy) for a well thought out and very thorough piece of software.

    Just why. . .

    Oh, one other thought; does the average computer (the home user) really need Photoshop CS6 when there are some very nice free photo finishing programs available that will do just fine for (again) the average user.
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    The average user may not need CS, but they may want to own Photoshop standalone, will that be available? Some like to use a well know product because of the wealth of on-line knowledge available on the product and Photoshop has to be the most ubiquitous program around. I've tried GIMP, but it doesn't overly enthuse me. The same can be said for Office. There are a number of alternatives, but they aren't quite exact alternatives. If Microsoft goes the same way with Office (which undoubtedly they will and drop all support for older version like Adobe), that kind of leaves the average user in the lurch.

    There are some things that are fine for subscription, such a movie downloads, they aren't essential and if money becomes tight, then missing out on movies is not a big deal. Other things may not be in the same class. You may have the luxury of still owning a boxed version of a piece of software, but that may not be the case a few years down the track. Just imagine if every product in your life, that say could be connected to the internet, worked on a subscription basis? It's not a nice thought at all.
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    I'm kind of confused here a tad bit as different articles are wording this differently, some say it's a pure subscription based model and some are saying it's a cloud program essentially that requires a constant internet connection.

    Is this basically just Office 365, where you have the program installed on your hard drive but you have to pay a monthly fee or yearly annual fee to keep that program activated and running? If so, then meh. That's not a terrible thing to me. A one year annual fee is better than paying monthly, which is where the economics with Office and looks like Adobe as well are gearing towards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XweAponX View Post
    It's just a bad business model created to do nothing but generate money
    To be fair I think many organisations would regard that as rather a good business model.
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    Hi there
    The model will FAIL -- I'm still using on some computers the old Abandonware Photoshop CS2 (still available on the adobe site) and have CS6 on a single machine -- but I really haven't needed ANY of the recent new features in Photoshop since CS2 anyway for producing professional high quality photos -- I sometimes do a bit of Freelance photography for travel magazines and the odd specialist Engineering trade journal photographing some specialized products.

    CS6 like CS2 will probably last until I'm in a 2 Metre box 2 metres under the ground -- so Adobe have for sure lost ONE customer here and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Ms better think Long and Hard before adopting this route -- it's probably FAIL in the long term once people add up all their monthly outgoings -- I'd be interested to see the take up figures on Office 365 as opposed to the combined sales of Office 2010 and 2013 -- but FROM INDIVIDUALS. Corporates have different financial considerations in place and it *May* make sense for them although that's not always true as the results with whole scale off shoring a lot of I.T has clearly shown offloading services doesn't always result in better or cheaper operations.

    Incidentally some programs like Photoshop really do have no decent alternatives -- the GIMP does a great job but I need to use myriads of layers, special filters, professional colour calibration and ICC profiles etc when submitting photos for Press in high quality situations.

    Same with Ms office --some things like Word there are passable alternatives but if you are a serious spread sheet user nothing IMO even comes close to EXCEL and with power point and Web integration - especially if you trade The Markets and give a few demos or courses you have perfect integration office software --Nothing else is even passably as good in this case. The only product that IMO is a bit of a basket case in the Office suite is ACCESS --that's about the most amateur piece of software ever described as "Database" software which breaks just by LOOKING at it. However you don't have to install that normally.

    As for email - there are other clients around but I'm afraid I just like Outlook and if you work on a lot of different client sites it really is probably the easiest to set up and use.

    I won't however be buying Office 365 -- Office 2010 is still alive and kicking - even Office 2013 IMO doesn't bring anything new - and as for this Office Collabaration software -- it's only consultant-ese for Shared folders.

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    I think these companies have been lulled into some false sense of security that people can more easily accept and absorb recurring monthly fees vs a one off cost. For many businesses, that may well be the case as it becomes an operating cost rather than a capital cost, and so the tax treatment is entirely different. But for the mum and dad users, they don't have tax offsets available to them.

    Many people are now doing fortnightly or monthly direct deposits for such things as home loans, insurance, electricity, gas, water, phones etc to spread the load, commit money to essentials and avoid bill shock. But when it comes to non-essential things, $30-$50/month becomes a pretty high cost if it's not used every day and will be one of the first things dropped when things get tight.

    In a way this may good, as it just opens the door for competition to enter and provide products that are good enough and more cost effective.
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    Hi there
    Beware about some of these products that are subscription based - but don't require you to be constantly connected to the Internet.

    What happens usually is as soon as you get ANY internet connection some quiet little program on your PC will "Phone Home" to verify if the subscription is paid - and will disable the license if it finds it's not.

    Adobe does a lot of "Phoning Home" -- I don't particularly mind in this case as I've paid the Life time price for my CS6 software and it doesn't "Nag" when you aren't on the internet.

    Office 365 works by regularly "Phoning Home" when you are connected.

    However if the software is download locally on to a PC which allows use when not connected to the cloud server then usually it's a simple matter (or so I'm told by people who do this sort of stuff) for users to prevent the software from "Phoning home" via the use of "pseudo / KMS type servers" and keep the software activated so corporations who think the subscription model is a way to avoid Piracy will have a nasty surprise coming.

    Only by having to connect full time to the cloud server can they really SERIOUSLY combat piracy - and of course the whole idea of not being able to run purely locally will turn a lot of people off.

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