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Tablets will be dead in 5 years: Blackberry CEO....

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    I think Thorsten needs to wake up and smell the jo-jo. I wonder if he thinks e-readers are also going to be a thing of the past in 5 years, and folks are ready to go back to the old fashioned paper with cardboard bookmark method of reading. Because at their core, tablets are e-readers, though they generally come with a host of other applications and features that make them all the more valuable. I love my tablet. I don't think the market for it is going anywhere. It is a young technology with lots of promise and it will only improve as time goes on. Someone will come up with easier ways of typing or talking text input into the tablet, and the technology will appeal to that many more people, and I won't feel the need to walk back to my desktop to type posts like this one, which I originally started reading on my tablet.

    I also don't think the desktop environment is going anywhere, though more and more of us are now using laptops, or even multiple laptops in a desktop based environment. Both platforms are still going to be alive and well in the new age, because people are people. We are inherently different. I will still likely be supporting server arrays across the country in 5 years, and I will likely do so from my home office, where I sit in front of 5 screens making good use of every one. I won't be alone. There will be writers, architects, editors, gamers and you-name-it who work the way they work, in their place of choice and are comfortable doing so. People like us don’t like the taste of forced change, and many of us are a bit bitter with Microsoft for forcing the start screen on us. Even after 8 months, I still don’t like it. I don’t see it as an improvement over anything, though I do use it, because I don’t like putting 3rd party apps on my computer to replace ui functions.

    My work computers are now all running windows 7. My non-work desktop that lives a short kvm switch button press away from my work machines runs Windows 8. I opted to upgrade back in October, when the price was 39 bucks, and I use it nearly every day. I have an Android tablet, and an Iphone which my company graciously provided me a few months ago as a replacement for my old 9810 Blackberry. I dip into all the vendor specific arenas, and have a taste for what works and what doesn't within each. It is just my taste, I am just one person, with one voice and one opinion, but I do tend to see my opinion echoed back at me when I browse around the web or visit forums like this one.

    The platform that wins in the end, will be the one that offers the most flexibility and choice to the consumer, while at the same time maintaining a high level of security. The first one to pull this off, will win, I believe. Android is coming close, but they are lacking when it comes to security, so the future is still wide open. Unless Blackberry invents a new platform entirely, that is truly innovative, the tablet is not going anywhere.

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    Here is my summary of where the Vendors are at, at this time:

    Windows: Can run a version of windows on just about anything. I can slap this hardware together with that hardware you have in your garage, and when we get it up and running, we should be able to slap Windows on it, though it probably won't be the latest iteration. Still, it will function, and even though I have been saying this for years, I still can say it to this day. It is not as smooth as Apple, but it is a free'er experience, at least from a hardware perspective. Most people use some form of it, and most applications are designed for it. Because of this, it plays nice with the rest of the world. Microsoft is mostly trying to play catch up now, but they are stepping up to the plate a bit late imo. They are also pissing off a lot of their base by forcing major UI changes designed for touch on them, even though the vast majority of their base are not using touch computers. This is back-firing on them in a lot of ways, and they are now back peddling to undo some of the damage.

    Apple: Closed, mostly secure environment, which is both a pro and a con. Attention was put into making the OS smooth, pretty to look at, and easy to use which has won them a very loyal fan base. Apps load, pop up and go away with pizazz and style, and it is generally easier to code better looking applications in this environment. Still, you are stuck paying more money than you should for Apple hardware, and you are locked into it once you buy it. Your 200 dollar iPhone cannot expand past its measly 16gb of storage, and you will have to buy a custom cable to charge it. Jailbreaking will improve your experience immensely, and there is no shortage of advanced features available should you take this course.

    Android: Android has a lot of promise, but falls short when it comes to security. They are not above copying what works well with other vendors, and this is a big benefit for them. If another company does something cool, they copy it, though they also are good at innovating and doing it in their own way. What you get is a very open and enjoyable experience in a more or less wide open environment that attempts to take the best of all worlds and implement it into one. The source code is readily available to be downloaded and tweaked, and there is a rich community online to learn from. Security is the failing. That, and the fact that there is no note-able desktop OS. If Android could run on Desktops, Windows would be in grave danger.

    Blackberry: Very secure, corporate driven environment that was once the biggest player in the market, but is now very much on the verge of collapse. Their CEO is living in denial, and should hire someone else to speak for him when they release something new to the public. There is still much to like here, but they too are definitely playing catch up with both IPhone and Android, ever since the iPhone was released in 07'. The Z10 does have promise, but I personally would have rather seen a 9820 that runs BB 10.
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    I have a tablet(hp firesale), and an ereader(paperwhite)
    I use my ereader daily, reading til I fall asleep.
    Tablet sits on a shelf, gathering dust.
    I realize that I represent only myself, I don't claim to speak for anyone else... but I just don't see the point of tablets. They just do not seem to do anything 'better' than other form factors, and hardly even anything 'as good' either......imho of course.
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    Personally, I think he is correct and incorrect at the same time. For businesses, which BlackBerry use to about a 90% market share, tablets aren't really working out so well but for the consumer, there is still a big demand and will be for quite some time.
    My daughter has a PlayBook and yes it is smooth to operate but doesn't have anyone developing software for it which kind of makes it a joke. Who really wants a tablet or even a PC that doesn't have software?

    Even though just a few years ago, BlackBerry was king in the business world but they haven't made the jump like Android-Google/Apple-IOS or even Microsoft has made. It might take longer than 5 years but I really can't see them making it 10 years in its current form. Remember Novell? They went from being the leader in network OS's with a 65% market share to going out of the server market in less than 10 years. Yes, they are still around but their OS isn't. Now they are in the terminal emulation market.
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    Hi there

    e-readers are special (and incredibly) useful specialized devices - I couldn't imagine going anywhere without one now. This is a great example where you still need a separate dedicated device which is 100% great for the purpose it's designed for.

    There is no way any tablet could even THINK as serving as an e-reader - especially in bright sunlight --. Apart from Battery life problems you'd have a barely readable screen which wouldn't be very comfortable on a Sandy Beach when the wind blows. A Kindle / Nook / Sony device does the job perfectly -- especially the Sony as it can handle epub, Doc / pdf formats and has an external micro SDHC card (up to 32 GB extra storage).

    Calibre (Free) converts Mobi (Kindle format) and others to epub etc so you aren't restricted to amazon books . I've probably got around 2500 books loaded up on my e-reader --never have time to read them all -- absolutely great device for reading ANYWHERE - even standing in lines at Supermarket checkouts !!!.

    My mobile phone does more than adequately anything else I'd need a "Classical tablet" for and a decent portable PC serves as a great device for mobile work type stuff.

    I can see the use of a Hybrid (and the Surface Pro comes IMO into this category) for pulling the tablet part out of the docking station if giving demos / management presentations - saves carrying the whole PC - but for any sort of sensible content creation you need to operate the device in "PC Mode".

    A 7 inch tablet is worse than useless IMO -- what on earth would you use it for that you couldn't do on a decent smart phone -- just watch the odd movie or too -- well I'd take a PC with a larger screen to enjoy the film more. !!

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    I use my Windows tablet marginally every day and when away, it is my PC, amongst other things. It also serves as an excellent backup PC when we have power outages, too many for my liking. The 10" tablet form-factor is perfect for what I need and I could not see myself not owning one.

    I have a 7" head unit in my car for navigation, Bluetooth mobile hands-free etc and I don't think that I could live with a 7" tablet, for anything but very basic tasks. Others clearly find them useful.

    I'm not interested in laptops (we have two working ones and two with broken screens) and would never consider another laptop again, even though they generally offer more features than a tablet.

    But seeing what people use their tablets for, I think Apple and Android are going to be the powerhouses in this arena for a long time to come.
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    But again, it isn't about how you use your tablet at home, how are people here using them at work? Every place I have seen a tablet is a BYOD and are used to take notes. That's it. I have used mine yo connect to work machines and servers and to read books on but to be honest, I haven't gotten it out since I bought my phone which does everything my tablet did (Note 2).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by skallal View Post
    Perhaps a huge asteroid will hit the earth in 5 years. If anyone is left, we can go back to stone tablets... :-)
    Darn; sure miss those days. I was a scribe for Hammurabi back when Babylon was the place to be still have all the tools of the trade. . .
    Ha ha Lee! I really love your sense of history. I once saw a parody on The Onion website saying the ancient Sumerians already had digital audio. I tried to search for that video in vain...
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    Hate to break it to the guy, but the tablet is the best round the house device for me to keep updated on internet stuff. I don't use a smart phone because it's focus is on portability so it's small. Great for when I'm in line at the store or in a waiting room, but if a tablet is around, the phone is in the pocket. I don't use a laptop much because of boot time, logging in, it's big and they get hot. The tablet is what I want when I'm on the couch, the bathroom, on the patio, before I go to sleep etc. The tablet is a great device that fits well in a lot of everyday activities. It's not going away any time soon.

    An article about RIM/Blackberry predicting the future. HAHAHAHAHA.
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    tablets not leaving ever. if anything its going to improve.

    faster, powerful. built in radio , HDTV to watch local hdtv over the air. higher pixels. larger storage.

    if anything Im better at predicting the future then blackberry.
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Tablets will be dead in 5 years: Blackberry CEO....
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