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Microsoft preparing second-generation Surface

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    Microsoft preparing second-generation Surface

    Microsoft is expected to announce second-generation Surface tablets at the company's Build Developer Conference, which will be hosted from June 26-28, according to sources from the upstream supply chain, adding that they have already shipped components for 1-1.5 million Intel-based units to the software giant since the end of 2012.

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    Hi there
    Reading the article just to me seems like a modern day version of "Re-arranging the Deck chairs on the Titanic".

    Why on EARTH would I want something that can function (or pretends to do) as a full PC with only a small 7 inch screen on it -- Anything with less than a 10 - 11.2 inch screen that needs to serve as a Portable PC is just not fit for purpose -- the sort of things you would do with a 7 inch screen device can be done almost as simply on a decent smart phone rendering the whole idea of 7 inch devices relatively obsolete already.

    I've looked at the 7 inch stuff from Samsung just to see if what I've been saying is B/S and seeing the actual devices in stores just convinces me that my argument is essentially correct - the 7 inch tablet is just basically a toy with limited appeal and the popularity of this size device has probably passed its peak.

    If I'm working on a spread sheet or doing serious work say on a long train journey I can't really work with less than an 11.2 inch screen -- I probably just about could manage with a 10 inch one for shorter periods but a 7 inch one would IMO only be useful for fairly trivial non PC related work which I could do from my phone quite easily.

    So who would buy a fairly expensive 7 inch surface Pro rather than a fairly cheap 7 inch tablet -- though both sets of devices IMO are destined soon for a mighty demise.

    (Anyway at work and for most people at home who use PC's - the trend is toward larger and better monitors -- even "Smaller" !! 28 inch monitors (almost unheard of a few years ago unless you were a Lottery winner) can be found quite commonly - and I doubt if a 7 inch tablet of any quality would have a graphics card in it that could drive say TWO 50 inch monitors at a very high quality of resolution).

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    I think 7" tablets can have a place in the scheme of things for many people and they have been around for some time, albeit in rather poor performance and capability devices usually running Windows CE. That said, I have to agree that I can't see any reason for Windows 8 on a 7" tablet, RT maybe, but with bugger all apps available, no one would be interested in one, as is already evidenced by poor RT sales.

    Large monitors are the go at home and dual setups are increasingly popular. I couldn't live without mine and was completely lost and frustrated when one died recently, but fortunately a replacement arrived a few days later.
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    I was hoping they would go to a bigger screen size, say 11 inches. And maybe offer something with an AMD processor and a lower price tag. What's the good of all that performance if you aren't going to use it? What I would do on something with a piddly 7 inch screen wouldn't tax the innards much. A 10 inch screen isn't all that appealing to me either, which is why I bought a laptop instead of a tablet. I'm sure there are people interested in a smaller Surface Tablet but I'm not one of them.
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    I see the same old posts... small size: bad...and low specs...

    The sources also noted that the second-generation Surface devices reportedly will only feature a 7- to 9-inch displays to meet the rising demand for smaller tablet devices.
    It seems there is a rising demand for such devices and it doesn't say they're used for spreadsheets or other high performance usage.
    The making of the smaller devices is justified: they'll meet the demand even if we (a few guys here and there) don't like it.

    But still, how successful can these smaller things get?
    Depends on the buying bunch of popular products.

    There's a lot of logic in Jimbo's post, I recognize me there as well with my laptops that can cover the portable usage quite well and I didn't bought any tablet so far.

    Depends on the user, as always.
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    the sort of things you would do with a 7 inch screen device can be done almost as simply on a decent smart phone rendering the whole idea of 7 inch devices relatively obsolete already.
    Yes, some of the phones are becoming gigantic.

    I am not sure everybody is going to want one of those monsters.

    Plenty of people are fine using an iphone/android for their portable needs - in many cases , for all their needs.
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Microsoft preparing second-generation Surface
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