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Microsoft's Surface Pro 'is not there yet,' says IDC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8 View Post
    Has the ghost of BillWindows been reincarnated?
    I don't know who that is. Why do you troll people on here?

    Also, do the research, what I said about the IPad Mini is correct. It is a little IPad 2 on the inside, it has a terrible screen and the top 7 inch Android tablets crush it in every way.

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    Who said I was talking about you? I suspect a Freudian slip.
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    Stop doing heroine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gbsnplr View Post
    I find it interesting that screen size seems to go up becasue our smart phones are too small. Then the iPad comes along with a larger screen, everyone immediately jumps on to get the larger screen. Now everyone has to have a smaller screen. In about a year the larger screened tablet will be in vogue. Hell I guess I might as well dust off my bell bottoms from the 70's, I am sure that fasion is coming back.
    Hi there

    They're already here again !!!!

    Please though not Hideous platform shoes too -- and probably the ultimate horror -- Old Shell costumes --those were the absolute PITS.

    I think I'll stick to a Manchester United Football T-shirt. At least THAT stays consistent.

    However as far as small screens are concerned it's amazing that at HOME and in work places people want LARGER and MORE screens too -- 27 - 28 inch screens at home are almost the norm for PC's these days - and often people plug into large 60 inch LCD TV's etc.

    I find multi-monitors actually makes a PC far more USEFUL again just when I thought the form factor was dying -- I still think that 7 inch tablets will be as dead as the Dinosaurs (or is it the DODO ?) within a year or so while a decent Hybrid device will make a lot of sense -- the Surfacer Pro could score hugely here if only it weren't so expensive - look at the HP envy series oreven the Lenovo stuff --OK not perfect but I could get almost TWO HP envy machines for ONE Surface Pro.

    A Bog standard tablet also at work is really only of any use for note taking (I still prefer old fashioned Pen/paper) or for displaying content --saves carrying the whole PC plus accessories but for CREATING content --totally useless unless docked to a proper keyboard / mouse / decent screen - in which case its not a tablet but a PC.

    Incidentally - what on Earth do they teach people in Schools these days --I was over recently at a Married friend's house with some Young kids --they were going to show the classic Wizard of Oz film --great classic --even I (who usually like explosions, shootings etc etc) can enjoy that movie -- and one of the Kids said -- Is that about the Great Wizard from Australia !!!.

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Microsoft's Surface Pro 'is not there yet,' says IDC
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