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Microsoft's Surface Pro 'is not there yet,' says IDC

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    I think Jimbo is pretty good with his analysis here. The 7 inch screen probably is a fad.

    I will say though, my Nexus 7 is very nice. Sure, I cant pocket it, but I take a backpack virtually everywhere. It weighs almost nothing, and its pretty durable. If Microsoft had released a smaller Surface, I might have got that instead.

    Also, I think the Surface RT gets a bum rap. I was given a 32gb Surface RT in January. Now I won't be keeping it, but that's not in any way a comment on its quality. I was always going to buy a Surface Pro in July, so the RT is going to become superfluous. I have found that the RT stacks up pretty well as a mobile OS tablet. I have a Nexus 7 and my wife has an IPad 3. Aside from its frustrating app shortage I don't think the RT is inferior to them in any way. In terms of web browsing and productivity it is streets ahead of them both.

    I think Microsoft are doing a lot better than they have been given credit for. At least they're trying to be different. Apple hasn't produced a truly innovative product since the IPad 1. People are starting to notice that. Outside of the Nexus line Android is very fragmented. I think Microsoft will be ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    I'll stick my neck out here -- I think it's the 7 inch types of tablets that will see their market shrink while the 10 - 11.2 inch form factor will become the most popular. Whether the Surface pro is the right device or genuine "Convertible Hybrids" like the HP envy series will become the norm - I don't know - but I'm sure it's this type of device that will kick start the PC market again - especially as more people discover the limitations of a Tablet only device.

    Last night while I was on the train I saw a man using an Asus transformer tf101. He did not have it unlocked. He just held the whole netbook form to almost eye level and was reading or watching something.

    I love hybrids. My only computing device is a hybrid. But I don't think people will know how to use these hybrids properly. Hybrid market share never really took off. I think it will remain nonmainstream.
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    I have both a 10" android tablet and a 7". they are good for certain things as far as their size goes. The 7" is on my nightside table, I use it to read some news, check the weather, maybe a game or two while in bed. It's light and fits in one hand. The 10" is bulky and heavy, we use it on the couch or to entertain the little one. Both form factors have good and bad, but I would say I use them differently because of the size difference....
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    Quote Originally Posted by labeeman View Post
    That's not all. Microsoft is late to the small-screen party.
    "On screen sizes, one of the things that really hurt them was at the precise time they were launching Windows RT and Windows Pro into the market, the tablet market shifted toward smaller sizes, particularly when the [iPad] Mini came out [in November]," according to Mainelli.
    He continued. "Right when this was happening, Microsoft launches 10.6-inch tablets. You can make the argument that in order to be productive that's the size you need on Surface. But from a market perspective, the market has shifted small."
    Microsoft's Surface Pro 'is not there yet,' says IDC | Microsoft - CNET News
    Right.. because heaven knows that selling 700-800K of a $1000+ product solely in North America alone in 3 months, with new territories about to open is horrible :>.

    I'd love to have that problem.

    Nobody is saying it couldn't be better, but anyone bitching about where the SPro is at this point is just a wonk. Its been far outperforming Microsoft's expectations. Can't say the same about RT, but whatever.

    Its better to be first in a new business with a high profit-margin. You're probably talking like 2-3 million+ SPros sold by the end of the year at this rate and once they bring the new territories online.
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    Microsoft definitely missed a trick not getting their oems onto the small form factor quickly enough. And I disagree that 7" tablets will die. Even with a 4.8" phone, a 7" screen size will make a huge difference to me if I'm reading a book, surfing or watching a movie. If you consider that Apple's target audience are perhaps those who already have an iPhone with that tine 3.5" display, you can imagine how much bigger a 7" device will seem.

    However I do think an 8" device would represent a nice sweet spot in terms of size/portability and functionality.
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    However I do think an 8" device would represent a nice sweet spot in terms of size/portability and functionality.
    It's called ipad mini.
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    I find it interesting that screen size seems to go up becasue our smart phones are too small. Then the iPad comes along with a larger screen, everyone immediately jumps on to get the larger screen. Now everyone has to have a smaller screen. In about a year the larger screened tablet will be in vogue. Hell I guess I might as well dust off my bell bottoms from the 70's, I am sure that fasion is coming back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    It's called ipad mini.
    The IPad mini is trash. It is inferior to 7 inch Android tablets in every way. Research it and you'll see. BTW Do you work for Apple or something ?
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    Has the ghost of BillWindows been reincarnated?
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Microsoft's Surface Pro 'is not there yet,' says IDC
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