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Apple drinks the Microsoft Kool Aid, bases iOS 7 on Window

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    I found an even simpler Metro Theme for Dreamboard. This one crashes less.It even has a kind of Charms Bar.

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version

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    Quote Originally Posted by XweAponX View Post
    I finally found it- the windows 8 theme for Dreamboard. They have more limited themes for Winter/Summerboard. This one is the most similar to Windows 8 though. Lets see if I can post a pic with this app:

    I'll have to copy the images over to my pc and do it from there, but this is a good example of what iOS 7 could look like if they do this.

    (I was trying to upload from the Win 8 Forums iPhone app, no permission to upload photos from the app)

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    So, if Cran-Apple actyally does this thing in iOS 7, this is what it could look like. Ther is also a Lock Screen, but my LCARS Lockscreen interferes with the Windows 8 Lockscreen. I was able to modify some of the "Start Screen" tiles to open those most used apps.
    That won't happen as Microsoft will immediately sue for patent infringement as they have Window Phone's UI design patented.
    Microsoft Granted Metro UI Patent - Softpedia

    If anything, they could license it to apple, but even then, the critics and the consumer crowd will confuse it for a Windows Phone. The best guess I would bet with ios 7's UI design will just be like how Office 2013 was designed and the Desktop of Windows 8: flattened 3D UI. Well, Office 2013 isn't too terribly much like that, but the Desktop on 8, that's more how I imagine it would be like as well as a removal of the blatant skuemorphic design such as the yellow legal pad for the Notes app. It will probably be more black and white with some grey color tones, such as what ios 6 changed in the ipod app, the app store UI and I think iTunes as well. That is more the route they will take. Actually, it might end up more like vanilla android 4's UI, which will add fuel to the android vs. ios fire fight...
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Well - iOS 6 introduced the Status Bar that changes colours to match which app you are running. I doubt that they will drop it. There are two add ons that change the colour of apps - Emphasize and Accentify. You can make a colour scheme for each of your apps, or you can tell it to randomize the colour of all of the apps. One add on is free, the other costs a few bucks, available through cYdia and the proper repos.

    What Apple may do is design the graphics of iOS 7 to match the current designs of the latest apps. Remember how Facebook used to look? Originally is looked like a Palm OS app. I still have that original version, I save all of my IPAs - Cos sometimes even with Apple new is not always better - I still use Pandora 3.1.8 - The last version that had the elapsed time and remaining time available. I think Apple will make their apps look less like MACOS apps and more like the Cloud apps like the iWork apps.
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Apple drinks the Microsoft Kool Aid, bases iOS 7 on Window
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