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Just so there's no confusion, my 50 pound cooler master Intel Asrock computer is not a phone or tablet.
Touch capability, but I don't need it. So I guess I don't need the features of a phone or tablet on my home system.

I have a touch device, however, a touchpad, and it is awesome. Prefer my massive Kensington trackball.
I used to use one of those for playing certain games, hahaha. The one I had, had a footswitch I could use to fire and it was much faster than a mouseclick, I could kill people easier.

I think what was going on here in this thread was discussion by people who use both Devices AND PCs and have them interacting. Regardless of if you use Windows 8 the same way we use iOS or Droid, it is DESIGNED to act that way. Allegedly to be easier, but it in fact is not. And, when we are in the Desktop, which is where most of us here do our work, we kind of like things the way they were in Windows 7.

If Windows 7 had been as fast as Windows 8 has been (for me) - I never would have switched. I never use the Metro area at all - As far as I am concerned, it is NOT a useful area. I finally found a game that works great, Angry Birds. That is the ONLY useful thing and I now have about 100 Tiles/Apps. But as I mentioned it was MADE by a developer of Programs - Not by someone in their living room, making an app and selling it in the store just to make extra cash, cos they read a website that shows you how to make easy money-sucking ripoff apps. In fasct I believer 90% of the Metro Apps are made by people who are cranking them out by the hundreds just to try to make some money.

I see NO big name Metro Apps, nothing useful has been ported over yet. Even today, I installed Quicken Mobile into my iPhone. Where then is it for Windows 8? They have it for iOS and Droid, but not Windows 8.

I think pretty much, it is not that "the big app makers have not YET made Windows 8 versions of their apps" - I think, they do not WANT to.

Our problem with Windows 8 is this split-system, if you can tell me that you can do all of your major work using only Metro Apps, I would call you a liar flat out, cos it ain't possible at this point - And the design and use of the Metro side of Windows 8 removes the ability to do any fine manipulating. Unless maybe a Metro App is designed to be used with a Stylus, in that case, at some point, I can see AutoCAD and 3DSMAX ported over. But how will they work, and will it be a huge "need to totally re-learn an App that we spent 2 years in School to learn?" I for one, learned AutoCAD when it was a Dos program, it has stayed basically identical through all of it's windows versions, because that program can only be finely manipulated via the command line. I've done complex shapes using only the command line, only using the Trace function to digitise my drawings, I would have to go over it with the line commands to clean it up.