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'Ransomware' tricks victims into paying hefty fines

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    As an IT tech, when we work with other peoples computers, we find they don't have images or backups. So, that is why we sometimes have to fight to "remove" what happened to them rather than restoring an image or starting from scratch.

    As far as whether Microsoft Security Essentials/Windows Defender is great, bad, basic or full featured...well I think we all realize that it is a free product and is intended to provide an adequate level of protection for the greater user base. I would think it goes without saying that if you torrent, pirate, surf porn or do lots of questionable things on the net, you probably realize that you should "invest" in a more fully features bells and whistles type product. It's pretty common on the web to find that MSE/Defender has not been ranked at the top: Microsoft Security Essentials Tanks Another Antivirus Test. For my surfing habits, a low/no cost basic option is sufficient.

    As far as this randomware goes, I've seen it once before myself. My boss is currently dealing with it on his son's home computer.

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    Let's keep this discussion friendly shall we.
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    If I were the admin of a pool of 100 computers, I would simply do as the one gentleman says and just wipe the drive, zero-write it, and reinstall from whatever main backup there is. I would make a policy that personal files should not be in there and all important work be automatically backed up into the server. I can't do that with the systems I maintain though.

    I admin networks that have up to 5 computers hooked up to a central machine which serves up the Databases. It's mostly Automotive Repair libraries and systems to keep track of the work, usually MySQL, one of them is based on Microsoft MDB files. I've been taking care of these systems for the last 12 years, so I have to make sure the server as well as all of the workstations do not get infested, because there are no backed up system images to use for a restore, it's Windows XP and 7 and Server 2003 usually, so any wipe and reinstall is problematic.

    After the years have gone by, the users have stopped looking at Pron, I explained to them that it is more cost effective if I don't have to come out every few days and clean viruses out, so they have been behaving themselves. Mostly the owners of those places do the retribution when I have to come out and clean out muck they have downloaded. I had to clean out the exact virus which is the subject of this original thread, just 3 weeks ago. But one week after that, Malwarebytes released that bad definition file which caused the program to wipe system files, so I had to go back out and do system restores back to the day I had removed the fake "locked" virus, and then remove it again. On Windows 7 machines this was devastating, because it could not be booted in any mode to bring up System Restore, I had to restore from the install disk on about 15 machines- That little error of Malwarebytes gave me almost a week and a half of work. The Malwarebytes thing was a fluke, but the malicious program that causes this fake lock out, well it is just mean programming. Even if you pay them money to unlock you, you do not really get unlocked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XweAponX View Post
    Even if you pay them money to unlock you, you do not really get unlocked.
    Yeah that was a question I had. Who's to say you'll be unlocked? But than again, this is another part of the scam... hope. Hope that you'll get your computer back. That along with fear makes this a very nasty malware program.
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    Exactly - Remember, these are VIRUSES. Some of the people who make them are very clever. The reason why so many viruses appear that open a continuous stream of Pornographic web pages is simply because the pages belong to the guy who made the virus and the more hits on pages with ads, the more money they make. You'll notice that the pages that come up are all on the same site or are similar in other ways. This is in fact why the Porn pages always have popups popunders, and other exploits and trick you into clicking on links that install these viruses that open page after page after page of pron.

    But this new "Lockout" thing - This is part of a recent development in virus manufacturing where the idea is to TRICK you into installing a Fake AV program, which in turn installs, possibly harmless files, which the fake AV reports as viruses. But the programs will not delete the files unless you "buy" it and unlock the cleaning function. But day after say, new fake viruses are created by the program itself so you have to keep using it and keep sending them more money. On the other hand, maybe the idea was simply to get your credit card info.
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'Ransomware' tricks victims into paying hefty fines
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