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Windows Blue won't solve all Microsoft's problems, analyst

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    Windows Blue won't solve all Microsoft's problems, analyst

    "Everyone's obsessed with the look of the thing. What do I care about a Start button in Windows 8 if I spend all my time on the desktop? It's the lack of good applications [that's hurting Windows]. And from what I can tell, developers aren't going to get anything from Blue. I don't see anything about apps getting better."
    To prove his point, Cherry pointed to the apps Microsoft has created for Windows 8 and Windows RT, such as the "Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging" app.
    "If that's the best Microsoft can do, if that's what they come up with, with their resources, it's no surprise that there's not a [third-party] app worth a darn," said Cherry.
    Windows Blue won't solve all Microsoft's problems, analysts say - Computerworld

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    Ouch! Another sting from labeeman. I'll just have to place mud on it to draw out the venom.

    Lack of apps for recently opening their Store, sure. It was the same with Apple and Google. They will come in time for MS.

    Lack of quality apps, no. The Windows Mail app is much better than WLM of previous. The app sucked in RP, but with each update of additional options and more stability it's quite cat's meow now. It takes my Mail app in 8 to open and refresh 1/30 of the time than WLM in 7. And upon boot, one gets preview with amount of mail on Splash Screen and scrolling previews on the live tile. Much easier to use also IMO. Other apps as well.

    "Never assume that the first iteration will succeed," said King of Strategic Analytics. "For a small company,a failure could be disastrous, but for Microsoft,as large as it is,it's just a hiccup."

    "I don't think this is Microsoft's last shot [at Windows 8 success]," said Forrester's Gownder of Blue. "Microsoft has made missteps with Windows 8, but they did the same with Windows Vista. And they moved on. They have an established position in the market,and a lot to offer. They'll get there."
    It'll only get better with time IMO.

    I have a feeling that some on this forum because of their discontent with the OS never gave the apps a chance of day. Hardly ever used them to see what they really are or how they perform. Sure, a lot are "consumption" apps at first, but we used those before on past OSs' desktops. The production apps will come with time also.

    I think to really learn the system one must learn and use the apps. I challenge those that haven't to use them, let's say two weeks, then report how it goes. Those that did a while ago in infancy with instability and few options, set that aside and try again. They really have come a long way.

    I also realize there's a problem of windowing and perhaps 1/3-2/3 snapping, but with the preview of Blue they seem to be working on this problem.

    That's my mud for the sting.
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    If mud worked for bee stings I would be covered with mud but alas it does not.
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    Even on Android I'd estimate that 99.999% of the Free APPS out there are just plain ADWARE or total RUBBISH. There's probably only about around 12 that I ever use -- mostly travel info but anything else are just IMO gimmicky Toys that usually fail anytime the Android version is upgraded -- just read the comments from almost any random app on the Google play store and this is an incredibly common complaint - Android version upgraded - App no longer works.

    In fact even the name of the store says it all PLAY. Well I'm NOT a guy who spends the whole day walking around looking at a mobile phone screen and doing goodness knows what with a pair of thumbs.

    I really think that a lot of these so called apps will just die a natural death -- Some gems might be found amongst all the dross that's out there but that is very much the exception than the rule -- and in any case the whole Android interface loses its appeal / simplicity if you have loads and loads of apps on the phone anyway.

    I'm sure this whole business model is ALREADY OUT OF DATE -- and do people who need to use computers for serious work want them to operate as "Kiddies Playthings". Most people can find decent 3rd party stuff themselves anyway without needing that whole ridiculous concept of a "Play Store" a la Google even if Ms don't call it that by name.

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    It won't solve any of their problems because they still don't seem to have figured out what the problem is. It's really simple...metro is a flop on the desktop.(hey, that rhymes). It may be ok on tab & phones... but nobody cares, least of all the billion plus desktop users. They need to wake up and smell the coffee. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is not the way to go. That's all they seem to be doing with blue, and it ain't gonna change a thing...
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    I think they know exactly what the problem is.

    Perhaps they regard their existing user base as an annoyance they have to half heartedly cater to.

    Unfortunately, that is the impression they create.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Quote Originally Posted by labeeman View Post
    If mud worked for bee stings I would be covered with mud but alas it does not.
    How about vinegar? It will work better.

    So far, a lot of 'quality apps' are still being made, the ones I'm using work great. I'm not going to complain here because we know nothing's perfect.
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    I am still wondering if Tim is going to seize the opportunity that has been handed to him on a platter.

    There are plenty of considerations, but this kind of thing doesn't crop up very often.

    Perhaps it depends how much pressure Apple are under. The potential rewards are huge.

    He might be waiting till the new chips are out before making his move.

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Windows Blue won't solve all Microsoft's problems, analyst
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