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Sorry Microsoft, but consumers just don't like you....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Hi there
    Email these days is just a NUISANCE -- I can't even be bothered even to READ it on my Samsung S3 phone -- however there's no limit it seems to the number of standard (non GMAIL) and Gmail accounts you can have on these.

    To those who say they need it ON A PHONE ( not a computer -- different issue) because of Work -- I say "Get a LIFE" and don't be a 21st Century Wage slave Tethered to your Boss 24 Hours a day --especially if you aren't getting paid standby etc for the privilege).

    I find if I want to communicate then I just use SKYPE -- works fine, costs just a few cents and if you want to use Video the forward facing camera on the phone (It has 2 cameras the REAR one is the one for higher quality pics, the front one is more like a Webcam) works just fine when you make the SKYPE call.

    I can't be bothered with Twitter or Facebook either -- I'd much rather interact with REAL PHYSICAL Human Beings in places like Pubs etc enjoying watching UK / German / Dutch Football (European variety with a ROUND Ball which actually gets KICKED with the FEET) !!.

    I like the way you put people first jimbo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I like the way you put people first jimbo.

    Now if Microsoft puts their money where their mouth is they will "put people first" when it comes to Windows 8, giving the customer the choice as to which UI they want to boot to as the default whether it be Desktop or Metro.
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    I see this as not being very Fair, at least from my own standpoint. The only time I was every very dissatisfied with Microsoft as a whole was during the Vista years. But Microsoft recovered form that with a big comeback: Windows 7 was the best apology they could have made.

    I don't see Windows 8 as a failure as I saw Vista, but I do see it as a collection of great Desktop improvements mixed with other unpopular decisions - The Metro interface was not at all ready to accommodate major apps and developers, but the Desktop is one of the best desktops I have ever used.

    One of the unpopular decisions was removing features that most people think are necessary, and other features that were simply popular like Aero tinting.

    But one of the things that they got very right with this is the performance. I know what I like about Windows 8 and I know what I hate about it, and there is more to like than otherwise. I've never lost a single Windows 7 install since day one and even when my main OS was corrupted and not able to be repaired, it still worked for 3 years despite that. The night is still young with my Windows 8 installations, but so far I have been able to recover from some serious BSODs.
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Sorry Microsoft, but consumers just don't like you....
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