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Sorry Microsoft, but consumers just don't like you....

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    Windows can't cope with ext either - it probably could - but MS don't want it to.

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    I have been using Windows 8 for almost a year now. Other than a few driver issues with an older laptop I really can't complain. It is quick to boot and with dual screens the apps are really nice because I can just click on one screen and have them displayed while I work on my primary screen. I am running 8 on two laptops and have 7 on my desktop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeve420 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by EMINENT View Post
    Not to mention the fact that you need to use 2 different ecosystems if you want an iphone or Android.

    I've already messed with those two and i'm done with them. Too boring ios and too many things to get Android working right. I've messed with plenty of JB roms to care to speak about. So, I ditched them and went full MS because I don't want to use 2 or three ecosystems.

    I'm all for the final convergence for everything to work smoothly and seamlessly between phone and pc, but it's a looooong waiting game with MS that is trying my patience.
    I am about to trade my Nokia and go back to Android. The phone itself is great, but WP8 is just lacking! No VPN, No RDC, Can't save video attachments (MMS or Email), no way to download files that the phone doesn't understand (.exe, .zip, .rar for use later), app store is abismal at the least. Doesn't seem like there is much dev. going on for it.

    While I agree in the general one eco system theory, I think MS has missed the mark and came to the party a little late IMO of course....

    Development for Windows Phone is actually picking up real swiftly. The thing is though, only the top apps that are used on android and ios (50 of them) are making it over to Windows Phone. The app store is kind of lacking, but it's a work in progress. But I'd have to say for a platform that came out two years ago, got rebuilt six months ago kernel level, and with historical comparison between android and ios; Windows Phone was number two in the amount of development after ios.

    That's also the thing about Windows Phone, it's not android, it's not ios. It's in between features and customization. The idea Microsoft is running on is having a PC and a Windows Phone, preferably a tablet PC. android is best suited to living on your smartphone, ios is best suited to be the fashion device as well as doing a LOT of internet consuming. Windows Phone from day one has ALWAYS been, put people first. Windows Phone 8 changed that to put people and the things YOU care about first. It's odd how we care more about apps than we do people that the apps are used to even communicate with them. So on and so forth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma View Post
    You do realize this is a Windows 8 forum, right? I'm not proposing that only positive things should be said about MS simply because this forum is centered on their latest OS, discussion of both the good and the bad is necessary if ppl are to stay informed.
    HaHaHa. You will soon come to learn that Coke Robot is perhaps the biggest Windows 8 fanboy on this site. He loves it with all of his heart.
    I honestly think at some points, I wasn't and seeing other certain Windows 8 fans post things, I wouldn't say I'm the TOP. I just find it to be rather awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Hi there.

    GARTNER again --when will people stop believing the rubbish that organisation spouts out every 30 mins.

    For starters Who says people don't love using OFFICE -- nobody ever asked ME --I LOVE using EXCEL whether at work or at home and throughout my whole career it's probably the application I 've used longer and over more time than anything else.

    I don't HATE windows either -- it works, is convenient and usually does the job its intended to do.

    I can't say that ANY other OS I've used works straight out of the box -- even most Linuxes --true they work 90 - 95% of the time but with Linux there's ALWAYS something that doesn't work first time and needs to be fixed --for example it might be something as trivial as a Printer -- it's more often Wireless network cards which makes fixing the problem harder if you can't connect to a wired LAN to get to the internet. And don't forget until recently you had to go through hoops and rings tgo get any sort of commercial DVD playing to work --remember when you had to pick up the LIBCSS de-encryption libraries from a site in Brazil or elsewhere to get the wretched players to work and Linux is still a bit "Iffy" with TV and satellite tuners.

    It's rare that a Windows installation requires a lot "Post installation work" to get a functional system.

    Smart phones --I would have had a W8 phone if it had been available and at the price point that I got the Samsung Galaxy IIIs for -- I can't really say that I'm bothered about WHAT OS is on the phone provided the browser works, there's a few SENSIBLE applications for it and I can read the screen decently.

    As to worrying about the future income stream of Ms --you can say that over EVERY business on this planet -- even organisations like the US Federal Govt have been known to run out of money at times --Ms isn't in ANY imminent danger of doing that.

    True there will need to be some changes to W8 that's just plain obvious and the leaked versions of "Blue" or Windows 8.1 are pointing in that direction.

    Apple of course is more known as a consumer company -- Ms merely provided the platform for consumer products to run on -- OK It's getting more interested and will take a while before these can come on stream --BTW XBOX is doing quite nicely).

    Of course if you look at the Markets where the REAL business sentiment is to be found -- GARTNER PLEASE TAKE NOTE Ms has been doing very nicely while Apple has been absolutely CANED. Of course with the sheer volume of cash Apple has it can probably ride out the storm - but it needs to get some new products out there --a new Iphone model 6 (say) by itself won't cut it anymore - nor will just bribing the stockholders with extra dividend cash to persuade them to keep holding the stock.

    The whole market needs new products at the moment -- Smart TV's are out there but we need some new "Gadgets" and there just aren't any currently. - 3D TV is a hopeless disaster as are 3D movies -- whoever came up with that ludicrous idea that we'd all be sitting at home INSIDE watching TV wearing "Dark Glasses" -- Certainly wasn't anybody who had even the remotest idea of how young kids and Dogs behave. Can't blame Ms on this one for the lack of "Gadgets".

    When I studied in London many years ago I'd often love wandering around Tottenham Court Road where all the electronic shops were and looking at new gadgets - even if I didn't have enough money to buy them. --Now it's just a boring old shopping street looking very similar to those you can can see in 1000's of towns / shopping malls around the world.

    Don't write Ms off yet. Those Enterprise W7 licenses are LONG TERM value.

    I agree with this.

    Also I should say about apple being a consumer market provider, that's not a solid foundation. The consumer market shifts so suddenly that some companies that were once on top of that are now not. Even apple themselves, back in the '90s, they lost the consumer space and were almost demolished because they didn't adapt to other competition. The same thing is kind of happening now, the iphone is really just now at catch up mode with android and Windows Phone in terms of hardware features and options, as well as customization. Every release I see of the iphone is just catch up to features that have been on other platforms for years.

    The thing about Microsoft is, they are VERY well entrenched in the enterprise. That's a solid foundation for them financially. The enterprise doesn't shift so suddenly (sometimes it should) and Microsoft has provided that support. But we're at a point in the enterprise where BYOD is slowly taking off, more cloud storage and use is expanding and so on and so forth. Microsoft has, in recent years, adapted to that and continue to do so.

    Interesting divides I say.
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    Inquiring minds want to Coke Robot actually Steve Sinofsky?

    I don't dislike MS and they have actually done some very benevolent acts considering they are in the profit making business. Think about Windows XP and the continued support MS has provided for over 12 years now. If you bought XP in 2001 you still have a very good OS that has been fully supported with security and other updates for FREE after the initial purchase. That is a pretty darn good deal if you ask me. It is unheard of to see that kind of action by most any other business enterprise that I can think of.

    Then you have things like Windows 8. Which is a gross disaster, and the arrogance when it comes to Win 8 and forcing Metro on all users without the option to default boot to desktop is arrogant, obnoxious, and detrimental to the well being of the company.

    Now I will say I do dislike Steve Sinofsky and Steve Ballmer. Intensely.

    I'd bet money on it that Paul Allen and Bill Gates both had reservations about forcing Metro on folks buying Windows 8, why they didn't step up and speak out is beyond me. I really hoped that with this recent debacle that they both would have quietly asked Ballmer to get lost..err go away.
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    If I were Steve Sinofsky, I would had immediately demanded that the threads about the 8.1 leaks be abolished and condoned.

    Bill Gates left Microsoft, or at least stepped down as CEO, after showing off the Windows xp tablet PC. That was how he ended his time at Microsoft. To see his company rebuild Windows for this tablet computing wave is one I bet he approves of. Flawed, yes, needed, yes. Paul Allen.... unfortunate that he never stayed at Microsoft to become an actual successor after Gates. Ballmer is a graduate of traditional business school in which does not apply to leading a software company. Being a nerd and technologically enabled as well as having a clear vision is what is needed to lead a software company correctly.

    I could care less about Ballmer, he had so little part in the recent metro wave of Microsoft, he's more just standing back, pretending to manage, and letting the division heads run the show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I Paul Allen.... unfortunate that he never stayed at Microsoft to become an actual successor after Gates.
    Perhaps now is the time to get him at the helm.

    MS in my view needs a visionary more than ever. Allen is just the kind of quirky, intelligent, savvy, and yes visionary guy that could help redirect the company. He has a personality that is a better, nicer version of Steve Jobs.

    Redmond needs to get back to their innovative seat of the pants roots that they were when they started.
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    @ Coke Robot: The problem with being a fanboy of anything is that you love it to the extreme, which can make ppl shortsighted, they often fail to see the shortcomings of whatever it is. I do believe ppl should be passionate about their beliefs/opinions/etc, but I also believe in being able to stand back and try to look at things from as many sides as possible. And sometimes, just maybe, you come to realize that a belief you previously held was either incorrect, or you revise your standpoint, etc. I have an informal background in philosophy and religious studies, I learned early on the values of being as objective as possible and considering multiple points of view.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Windows can't cope with ext either - it probably could - but MS don't want it to.

    You can get programs for Windows that will read ext partitions, so there is no technical reason why Windows itself can't do it.
    Ext2Fsd Project
    Access to Ext 2/3/4, HFS and ReiserFS from Windows
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Sorry Microsoft, but consumers just don't like you....
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