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What a Windows 8 U-turn will mean for the PC

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    And here it is with SQL 2012 Standard and VS 2010 installed on windows 2012. Metro is broken
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    Do we need a Windows 8 U-turn ?

    What will a Windows 8 U-turn be like?
    Anyone can say what they believe, but broken is not a word I would use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisa View Post
    That dog don't hunt.

    When they first introduced Windows, and subsequently moved the command prompt to, they didn't purposefully break functionality that was found in the command prompt and say 'WTH would you want that, use File Manager!'. They didn't suddenly remove the 'dir' function, all the commands you had previously were there. The difference now is that they're purposefully attempting to break functionality in the desktop and say 'WTH would you want that, use the Start Screen!'.

    I still used the command prompt for years after it was relevant, and eventually fully migrated, even though all the commands and functionality that was there before, is still there to this day. But I wasn't forced to do so. This is them forcing us to do so, and its not because its that much better, its not because it gives us loads of new functionality(in fact, the new interface is regression technology as it pertains to the desktop, but progression for media consumption), its because they want to push us into The Mobile Interface and a system whereby they get a 30% cut of sales. That's why they want to do it, and why they are pushing so hard by crippling previous desktop functionality, no other reason.

    Its all to jack their bottom line and you're kidding yourself if you think its any different. And a lot of times, people do need to be pushed to adopt new features, but they can and do have the final say as to whether they go or not and right now people are resoundingly saying no. Lets not pretend we don't have sales figures to prove it.
    Ha, I use CMD at least 5 times a day to launch the DOS versions of CHKDSK, IPCONFIG, etc.. All of the old commands are still there, hell edlin is still there! This is the one thing to MS credit, they have kept things from the old DOS days intact for people who still use them.
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What a Windows 8 U-turn will mean for the PC
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