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2 Reasons Why Samsung Could Beat the Apple iPad

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    2 Reasons Why Samsung Could Beat the Apple iPad

    When you think of the Apple iPad, the term tablet computer doesn’t even come to your mind. You just think…iPad. Apple has an enormous lead in the marketplace for tablet computers, but that hasn’t stopped Windows from joining in on the fun, which unveiled a demo Samsung tablet, running Windows 8, at Microsoft's annual developer Build conference on September 13. The completely re-designed operating system works on desktop computers, but has a user interface that can come to life only on a tablet.

    Critics are already raving about the prototype, which is a sign of what’s to come in 2012. Although the iPad is fine for simple computing (checking e-mail, browsing the web, etc.), Microsoft is betting that people want more than something that is, essentially, an oversized iPod Touch. The upcoming Windows tablet will be a full-fledged computer in tablet form, capable of running software such as Photoshop and connecting to a keyboard and monitor. The future Windows 8 tablet offers the portability and ease of use of the iPad, with the power and capabilities of a full-fledged PC.

    Windows 8 Tablet: 2 Reasons Why It Could Beat the Apple iPad

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    I have now decided to buy one of these the minute they hit the market!
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    Sounds like an interesting combo - PC and Tablet with same OS. I may have to start saving my money too, I don't have a tablet - YET!

    Might as well shoot for Win8 phone too...
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    yep, im starting to save too
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    A full fledged Windows operating system with a tablet that has actual computing power (I'm basing this off the quad core NVIDIA Tegra chip). This could really be something for Microsoft and at least I bet, it'll topple android tablets. One of the reasons why android tablets have high return rates is because people are so ignorant at the fact that they think an operating system that is a modded Linux kernel and is being ran on an ipad copy cat can actually replace a Windows laptop. They can't type or print documents, that is the reason why people return them basically. Windows 8 will!
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    the only problem is a windows 8 tablet needs long battery life to compete with the Ipad and at the moment that means ARM and you cant run X86 of ARM so until Intel or AMD create a chip to match ARMS power consumption your going to be left with A windows 8 metro only tablet with good battery shitty processing power(compared to intel) or Windows 8 ALL in one tablet with great processing power and shitty battery

    Question couldn't Intel create a powerful CPU that can go into a tablet so when the tablets connected to the mains it could have the full feature of window8 meaning metro and desktop then when its running of the battery reduce the power of the CPU to save battery and also lock windows 8 into metro only so you couldn't run the power hungry applications.
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    Think I'll just stay with my Kindle...
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    I think it'l be great for I.T. folks! Portable Team Viewer everywhere lol. Sooo much better than on my phone. As much as the new windows irks me I think by the time the true version is released I'll be all over it. Wonder how much a decent tablet will run? Samsung makes great hardware and if they snuggle up to Windows it'l be a powerhouse... Providing the batery provides a decent life.
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    i think this is going to be great but I also think that microsoft should make a PC made by them or design by them and not have any of the manufacture programs that make a PC slower kind of like a Nexus from google
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    Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could just install Windows 8 on an iPad? but i think apple would have something to say about that.

    P.S. nice touch with the underscore John
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2 Reasons Why Samsung Could Beat the Apple iPad
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