For those who weren’t able to attend Microsoft’s BUILD conference and check out a Windows 8 tablet firsthand, the fine points of its new OS may sound a bit vague.

The video below may give you a better idea of what you’re missing. Microsoft enthusiast site Winrumors compared the user experience of an iPad 2 running iOS 5 and the pre-release Windows 8 tablet. Running side by side, function by function, we’re really seeing how Windows has created a new way of interacting with a tablet.

We got a deeper look at Window’s new operating system earlier this week at Microsoft’s BUILD keynote. Windows 8 features a number of significant user interface changes, and is designed to run on both tablet PCs and desktop PCs, as well as ARM and x86 architecture. Those in attendance at the conference got a free Windows 8 tablet built by Samsung (which was rumored beforehand). The exact launch date for Windows 8 is yet to be announced.

How Windows 8 and iOS 5 Stack Up: A Video Comparison | Gadget Lab |