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Sorry, PC Industry: You’ve Apparently Perfected the PC

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    Is there an off topic here? No worries, it's all about information (disinformation), and discussion. A Guy

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    Is there an off topic here? No worries, it's all about information (disinformation), and discussion. A Guy
    Darn, your easy. Thanks. . .. . .
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    The slow down in the PC market is the result of a couple of issues.

    The problem is two-fold.

    1) Computers are simply lasting or staying useful much longer than they used to. People are able to use the hardware they have to run the most recent games, office suites and other software without needing to lay out for new hardware to do it.

    2) In light of issue #1, Windows 8 IS NOT inspiring people to layout for new hardware that they otherwise wouldn't need. It has no new “whiz bang” feature that people are clamoring for. In fact, people are more and more developing a strong aversion to it.

    Nothing can be done about #1 at the moment. Computers last how long they last. Software using up all available horse power in a system is still a long ways off considering what computers these days are capable of.

    As for #2, well, give the people what they want. Desktop users, gamer’s, non-consuming driven people, want Metro gone from our lives. We don’t want it, we don’t like it. Give us the option to be rid of it. This would instantly sell 4 copies of Windows 8 just to my household alone.

    Of course getting rid of Metro would be counter to Microsoft’s marketing strategy. They want to force it’s use on the desktop and laptop, under the theory that you will so love it, that when you go to buy your new tablet, cell phone or both, you’ll buy a Windows version since it looks and acts, mostly, just like what you use on your desktop at home.

    Only problem with that theory is, there is a growing backlash against Windows 8. People are NOT adopting it and in fact are forming a strong revulsion to it and so advising anyone who asks. Microsoft’s big problem is, the people developing an aversion to Windows 8, are the people, that other people consult when planning a purchase.

    Word of mouth baby, STILL the best marketing on the planet.

    Windows 8 is like a book that I have to fully close the cover, to turn a page.
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Sorry, PC Industry: You’ve Apparently Perfected the PC
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