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Will Windows 8.1 allow users to boot to desktop?

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    “We can always count on MS to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities.”

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisa View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by sashlon View Post
    The desktop is 1 click or tap away. It takes maybe 1-2 seconds.

    The Start screen is your Start menu.

    it takes 3-5 minutes to find, download and install Classic Shell. It can do those things easily.

    Windows 7 still works
    As I've said before, when everything gets sorted out, they'll realize you have two separate interfaces, and never the twain shall meet. Simply pick the optimal one for the device you're using, and then you should never leave it. If using a desktop, Apps can launch from icons and when they do they'll be windowed. If using a tablet(especially one of the mini ones), perhaps the Mobile Interface is more your taste.

    But they'll spin their wheels until they realize there isn't a unified interface that works for everyone. It simply doesn't work that way. Some people like channel surfing(Mobile Interface), others like control over what they watch on one screen. Its simply different tastes and tailored for different devices.

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    There should be two important options to choose from upon starting up Windows 8 from the very beginning that should say:

    What device/equipment are you using?
    o Smartphone/Tablet
    o Desktop Computer

    And then Start Screen or Start Menu (on Desktop boot) will be applied accordingly.

    But personally I don't give a damn. I know there's always a way to make things work the way you want it.
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    I have difficulties to understand this hype. If it is so important to boot directly to desktop, simply use Task Scheduler to create a task to launch for instance Explorer.exe on logon and now every time you boot / login, Windows 8 goes to desktop with file explorer opened.

    Personally I prefer to arrive on Start Screen. My Mail app live tile shows if I have some unread mail, People app live tile shows if there are any new messages and so on. If and when I want to I am on desktop in less than a second.

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    After reading some earlier posts in this thread...Click image for larger version But now that that's out of the way i Actually prefer both interfaces Like many have said desktop = pc metro = tablet as simple as that nothing more nothing less
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Why with all the ruckus I think they'll need to. I'm thinking the change to RT was just too drastic for most. It's been reported that 90% don't care to learn the change. Perhaps "weaning" is the word they should focus on.
    It's not that I don't care to learn the change, I've learned about it. It's just that for almost everything I do, the change doesn't necessarily provide any benefit. < At least the UI changes. I do benefit from faster boots and a few other new features of Windows 8. My main gripe has always been a lack of options to change it without having to resort to 3rd parties.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    The Start Screen already is a start menu....
    It is, but it works a bit differently. I remember the outrage when the start menu when from a single column to the 2 columns and it was eating up so much of my screen real estate. The fact that it takes over the whole screen for me is just annoying. Granted, I rarely see it, but it's kind of a shame that I go out of my way to pin to the desktop or taskbar and use 3rd party tools in an effort to see the start screen as little as possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    Let's face it, some folks simply do not like how Windows 8 was designed and will never like it.
    That's true. I can see why MS did what they did and while it doesn't fit me all that well, I've incorporated 3rd party tools to make it work better. The key is that on established Windows 7 boxes, I have no desire to switch to 8 and that's not great for Microsoft. On my new laptop, running 8, it's fine. No complaints. But not enough advantages to part with cash.
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    Been lurking here for a while and after using win 8 for a few weeks now that I purchased a new Lenovo T430 I think I have a feel for what I am linking and do not like.

    First off about me, I am not a programmer or anything of the such, on the other hand I am pretty good with computers I would say an above average user and bad ass Googler of problems when I need to find the answer. My profession is that of Commercial Pilot. Primarily for work I use MS Office the majority of the time but the remainder is mostly just personal. I consider myself just an average MS customer and my positions are of that of just an average computer user. I am not able to debate with any of you the back workings or programming specifics of Win 8 to uphold any of my positions. With that said, time to vent!

    First off, I think Win 8 is actually pretty good. I think its snappy, runs well, boot times are good and again the overall performance seems to be better than that I experienced in Win 7. I like the look of Metro, the weather app is pretty cool and I am still discovering what is out there app wise. I honestly think that MS is on to something here, they can make one single windows version that will run on a phone, tablet, desktop, whatever you choose and have everything tied together under a user name. In fact, I looked very hard at purchasing the Surface pro as my new computer. Problem for me is that the apps that I use for work are only created so far on IOS and Android so no Windows just yet. I have an Ipad for flying that I keep electronic charts on.

    Now to the frustrating stuff. I have noticed in this thread that there seems to be a debate between whether or not the metro and desktop UIs are two separate UIs or one. As the average user to me they are very much two VERY annoying separate UIs. In my opinion we are a LONG way away from not using keyboards. I absolutely hate having to type a long email or really anything long on my Ipad or Smartphone without having a physical keyboard. In short, when I am using a non touch screen laptop I have absoloutly NO need for the Metro UI and forcing me to use it frustrates the hell out of me. Sure I can download a 3rd party app to avoid it but the point is MS does not want me to and is trying to force a new experience on me. It seems to me they knew this was a problem and created shortcuts or charms for me to memorize. Did we go back to the DOS age where I have to remember command prompts? Why can I not just drag an icon onto the desktop to create a short cut. Why so many steps to do so many things that in Win 7 could be accomplished so much easier with using common sense and without having to Google for the answer.

    To me its simple, the Ribbon on Win 8 is cool IF I were using a touch screen, but when I am using my computer as a desktop or do not own a touch screen Laptop I would prefer to have two completely selectable modes to engage in. In my opinion as a regular average user if MS wants to grow this product they would offer such a thing.

    As for the people who say I or people like me could go back to win 7 or just download a 3rd party app, remember descent is the best way to get a product improved. Hopefully MS will figure this out.
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    Hello, Darrel456. Welcome to EightForums. Welcome aboard flight 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8 View Post
    I've just perfected the Windows 8 'Start' screen:

    Attachment 20165
    Sorry Ray, although I used this for a while, I consider it the worst downgrade ever.

    8Lovers will laugh because the Start Screen is pointless here.
    8Haters will laugh because you still take an extra step to go to the Desktop.

    You get a piece from both worlds (half-start-screen/half-desktop) and not much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    The Start Screen already is a start menu....
    Uh, no it ain't. It's Metro. If you are gonna use Metro Only I suppose it's fine. But if you are gonna use Desktop only, Desktop falls way short, unless you modify it by making useful shortcut toolbars or by installing a 3rd party Orb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8 View Post
    I've just perfected the Windows 8 'Start' screen
    Quote Originally Posted by Hopachi View Post
    8Lovers will laugh because the Start Screen is pointless here.
    That's ok. I guess I am in the plus column but take a different view of this. Not pointless.
    First of all, I don't need the desktop to stream video, check my bank accounts, use the internet or shop online.
    And I prefer to not use the desktop for these activities. So the desktop is not needed all the time.

    Second, my preference, although no one asked, , is to basically not use any tiles unless I need them.
    The start screen interface, so to speak, is a hot bed of hot keys. Press a key, select from a list. Big Wup.
    So a blank start screen is not useless to me. Tiles are faster, and more informative, but I do not need them.
    Press d, select desktop, if necessary. The extra steps are of no concern to me.

    Click image for larger version
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Will Windows 8.1 allow users to boot to desktop?
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