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The real reasons to blame Windows 8 for plummeting PC sale

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    Then why are Apple/Android tablets and phones doing so well, but Windows tablets and phones are looking somewhat lacklustre? PC sales may have declined, but they are still a major market, but Windows 8 sales aren't looking all that great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davehc View Post
    Most had skipped through the Vista period because of it's bad press, and the waiting interval had therefore been extended enough to allow budgeting for an updated product.
    The bad press and word of mouth that Window 8 is getting is what is killing sales also more so than any thing else.
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    The sad thing is that there's a beaut OS hiding behind that Metro screen, that isn't being given a fair go because of the aforementioned Metro screen.
    I don't like the direction MS is heading, but the OS itself is being massively under-rated. Unfortunately a lot of it comes from those who should know better.
    For me, the improvements under the hood far outweigh the negligible inconvenience of installing Classic Start and a Start Screen customization program.

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    Hi Wenda.
    Could you post a picture of your (opened ) Classic menu. I want to make a point and that would help.
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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    Sure, Dave, here you go.

    I've given you two, one with just the main Classic Start start menu open, the other with All Programs open. I don't use All Programs that much, except for getting things to pin to the Start screen or the main Classic Start menu.
    I mainly use either the Quick-Launch toolbar or the Start screen for launching programs.

    Hope they're of use to you...

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    I think a lot of the slump in PC sales is bad times economy-wise plus maybe a resistance to touch screens by many. The computer makers are really trying to plug these things and probably now have severely over-estimated the demand for them.
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    Tks Wenda. That'll do fine.
    Point I am trying to make (and failing) is this.
    It took you, how many? three clicks to get here:

    Click image for larger version

    It took me one click to get here:

    Click image for larger version

    I could, of course, put in quite a few more icon shortcuts, but, if not used quite so frequently, I prefer to leave them sitting in the "All programs" section.

    Honestly, ignoring the pretty eye candy in my start menu, which do you think is the most convenient?

    Alternatives, as you suggest, is having a number of shortcuts in the task bar, or a mass (I've seen that often) of shortcut icons on the legacy desktop. I may be wrong, and the end result could be minimal, but I believe the latter can use up resources. Possibly the taskbar approach also.
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    I'd think one click, one hover. Click on start button, hover over all programs But then she has the other choices too...

    A Guy
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    Start screen is a full screen app launcher. Fine for a small screen touch only device.

    Start menu is much much more than that. Excellent for those who want to drive the os from the desktop.

    Raises the question of why they aren't both there.

    The answer is obvious to those who are prepared to see.
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    Hi there
    Why not just create a custom tool bar

    For example programs

    Then it works almost like the Classical Menu.

    You can create these at will -- in fact I find the system BETTER than the standard classical menu - you can organise these into how you want to use the system.

    Just start ANY app to get to the desktop and then on 2nd click you've got your menu --- no more than using the old menu in W7 -- in fact it's BETTER as the old menu in W7 wastes a lot of screen real estate.

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The real reasons to blame Windows 8 for plummeting PC sale
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