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Windows 8 is depressing PC sales in record numbers

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    They may have started to put win7 machines on the shelf at best buy. Probably because 8 is doing so badly.

    Not all that easy to see win7 machines elsewhere.

    Bit late now. People will have been aware of 8 - rejected it, and not thought about getting a new pc since.

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    Here's an interesting interpretation of the IDC report:

    IDC's numbers make two things clear: the first is that consumers and businesses are going to notice and respond when your company acts like it might pull out of the PC market,...
    If you make PCs and you’re not Lenovo, you might be in trouble | Ars Technica

    The way Microsoft has been pushing Windows 8, really does make it look like they want to move away from the PC market.
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    Hi there
    YAWN YAWN YAWN again.

    PC sales (or lack of them) have a lot more to do with all sorts of reasons -- the OS is a minor one.

    Let's go over the same ground AGAIN. ==> People use smart phones and tablet devices now HUGELY more for accessing the Internet, email, social media etc -- and with multi-media video on demand type of services they even use these devices for that purpose too -- I often watch UK football on SKY SPORTS via a SKY GO service on my mobile phone when travelling. Before all this type of mobile hardware was available people would have required a laptop / desktop. So a lot of people no longer NEED a PC.

    Those that have them already probably have quite decent hardware so there's no reason to buy a new one.
    Corporates who are in the midst of or just completing their transition from XP to W7 have already bought new laptops etc for this purpose and won't be buying new gear again for some while.

    So the upgrade market currently is TINY. Again for people who are buying for the first time they really consider whether they actually NEED a computer or a tablet.

    Finally the economic situation puts people off buying what is normally regarded as a luxury product -- although we are beginning to turn the corner on this one (at last).

    You can forget rubbish reports from people like IDC and especially Gartner -- those people are just JUNK.

    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / whatever OS really has very little to do directly with PC sales (or lack of them).

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    So, will that be a $399 tablet or $799 Windows 8 PC? The answer to that question is killing the PC upgrade cycle.
    This is what is killing PC sales also.

    Tablets conspire with 'good enough' PCs to nuke Windows 8 | Business Tech - CNET News
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    Research firm: PC sales plunge as Windows 8 flops-The Korea Herald
    "All signs so far point to Windows 8 being a flop"

    Seems nearly everyone, worldwide, knows (and knew it in advance). Apart from Microsoft.
    And it's bitter really, IMO it's a damn good OS hiding under the sad, ugly & restricting metro experiment.

    edit: in addition to affecting the PC dept., seems (to me) it's interface and offerings won't be able to compete in the mobile\touchpad world either.
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    I've said this before but IMO, it's just that more people are going for portability. iPad and tablet sales are soaring. Nothing to do with software but more of hardware options available to consumers.

    Win 8 is not a closed platform. There are ways to tweak it and function like Win 7.
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    So, will that be a $399 tablet or $799 Windows 8 PC? The answer to that question is killing the PC upgrade cycle.
    Well, in my case, it was an A$129.00 tablet (7" Android) purchased a month ago, and
    an A$2700.00 mega-laptop purchased one year ago.

    This machine was an upgrade from an older, smaller, less powerful laptop, which is now
    over four years old, still running just fine, and is used as my Windows 7 machine.

    This new machine is very powerful and highly-specced, with quality components used
    throughout and its only 'failings' (well, they're not, really) is that the hard disks are
    both spinners (750GB each, though), and the i7 quad-core CPU is 'only' a Sandy Bridge.
    It does not have a touch screen or UEFI, neither of which I want anyway, but it runs Win
    8 fast and flawlessly with a mouse/keyboard (yes, it has a full 101-key keyboard, essential
    AFAIC) or somewhat less flawlessly with the control pad.

    As purchased, it was running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, but later it ran the
    Windows 8 Enterprise trial till it expired. I then purchased and installed the retail version
    of Windows 8 Pro w/WMC.

    The point being (yes, there IS a point to all this) that, having upgraded a year ago, I have
    no need to do so now. Also, having purchased Windows 8, I have no need to upgrade the
    machine to get the new OS. The earliest I'd normally have been considering a hardware
    upgrade would be around Jan-Feb 2015, but not if I can't get a mega-laptop that's at least
    the (relative) equal to what I have now in terms of physical size, level/quality of features
    and power.

    Nor would I have normally been planning to 'upgrade' to Windows 8 until then as I've been
    perfectly happy with Windows 7 in every way.

    The tablet purchase was irrelevant, it had/has no bearing on my PC upgrade plans. It is
    purely a recreational device, used for reading e-books, light audio/visual entertainment
    and casual 'net browsing when I'm away from my mega-laptop. Nothing more.

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    So the upgrade market currently is TINY.
    If you mean people replacing their existing machines, then IT shouldn't be.

    It has up TO now accounted for the vast majority of pc sales.

    1.5 bn users replacing their machine every 4-5 yrs comes somewhere around 300m pc sales A year.

    It is those people who ARE not rushing out to buy a pc with 8 on it. Not surprising.

    They don't seem keen to buy 8 tablets or phones EITHER.

    That is the problem FOR MS.

    “Unfortunately, it seems clear that the Windows 8 launch not only didn't provide a positive boost to the PC market, but appears to have slowed the market,” IDC Vice President Bob O'Donnell said.
    Absolutely and obviously correct.
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    New PC owners will be just as confused with Windows 8 as they were with Windows 7, XP, ME, 3.1

    People don't like change. Period.

    Then you have the small niche enthusiasts who want the UI on their smartphones and computers to change drastically every week or they go in to chimp rage about lack of innovation.

    Unfortunately, the media hears the latter, vocal minority and reports it as gospel.
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    Oh, the IDC report?

    The IDC report gone astray, is Microsoft really at fault? - Neowin

    This article basically says that the IDC could be off in their assumption of Windows 8.

    First off, Microsoft is known to have sold at least 60 million licenses, possibly around 130 million at this point yet PC sales are low. This could definitely mean people are using 8 on older hardware.

    Second, the desktop has been a dying breed for years, so a decline those sales aren't new. A decline in laptop sales however, that's not so much news as tablets are becoming the new form factor. Also, people don't buy a new laptop every two years. I personally know several people that have had their laptop since vista, and are running 7 or 8 just fine. No need to upgrade other than for touch or some better piece of hardware. Just because people are moving to tablets isn't a Windows 8 issue, that's the issue Windows 8 is addressing. Then that goes to number three...

    Third, OEMs. Seriously right now, the touch PC offerings are meager. The number of actual tablet PCs is meager. The number of RT tablets even are meager and came WAY overpriced at launch. The major chunk of PCs running Windows 8 are basically older stock with a new touchpad driver (or even larger touchpad) with a new Start key and a Windows 8 sticker on the bottom. Basically that is it, just repackaged plastic halfassed junk. Seriously, the release of the Surface tablets kind of look more like a vote of no confidence from Microsoft on OEMs. The top RT tablet? Surface RT. The top tablet to get with Windows 8? Surface Pro. The only OEM that the IDC report seems to ignore is Lenovo however, they have been seeing pretty decent sales with Windows 8, and have stated that their touch PCs are selling in larger numbers than their nontouch PCs. So that's not something to blame Windows 8 on, Lenovo made a few interesting Windows 8 touch PCs and continue to build actually decent hardware. I'm currently recommending a friend to buy a Lenovo laptop just because I can tell it is well built (and an access panel to the WHOLE system, CPU and heatsink, RAM, hard drive and everything under one panel).

    If you want to point blame at PC sales, I say point blame to the people and companies that made them. They're not worth the upgrade from a Windows 7 PC to Windows 8, especially since when you load Windows 8 on that older PC, you probably might actually get similar functionality with the touchpad and gesturing if it already supported that with 7. Unless OEMs go and actually think outside the box for once in their bloated existences, this report wouldn't be here. PCs like the Surface tablets are what will propel Windows 8, currently, that's not there by OEMs, only Microsoft. The others seem to think their old android tablets are just fine to put RT on, or basically just use the same old ipad design for a Windows 8 tablet PC.
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Windows 8 is depressing PC sales in record numbers
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