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Are you a tablet skeptic?

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    Are you a tablet skeptic?

    It feels like modern tablets have been around a lot longer, but three years is still nothing to sneeze at. Reflecting upon the last three years of tablet mania, the Ars staff and contributors began to share stories about how our iPads or other tablets have changed how we interact with our devices and the Internet. Most of us were heavy tablet skeptics when the iPad was first announced, and some of us still are. So in honor of the three-year anniversary of the iPad, we decided to share some of our experiences with you on how our lives have changed—or how they haven't, depending the case.

    Not everyone on staff feels like the iPad—or one of its competing Android or Windows equivalents—has made a dent in their lives. Here are the stories from those staffers who think the modern tablet has a way to go before it earns a permanent spot in their bags.
    Read more at source:
    "I was an iPad skeptic" | Ars Technica

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    At least for me, tablets have no use in a home environment. They may be of use in some business environments although I don't see how a laptop wouldn't be better apart from portability. People that I see using iPads use them for Angry Birds and not much else. I'm sure tablets have their own places to be useful where a laptop would not suffice. I'm not getting a tablet anytime soon.
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    I almost only see benefits to tablets for home use. Generally speaking, they end up being low cost alternatives for email, facebook, youtube videos, etc. My kids are the primary users of my Android tablet. My son plays MineCraft, and my daughter watches videos from Netflix.
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    I don't own one, so I'm just making this up. But I think they have their place (and sales numbers show I'm right):
    1. private use for people that just use cloud service (facebook, browsing, email...), they don't need a desktop
    2. private use for people who have a main PC to do their actual work (writing a letter, photowork, datastorage etc.), but for their everyday use just want a quick device they can sit int he kitchen or on the couch or porch with. i myself use my main PC and my phone that way and if money wasn't an object a 10"tablet would work better than my 4.5" phone.
    3. Mobile business us where you just take notes, pictures, check email etc. and sync it with the corporate mothership. Back in the office they still need a real PC. With the MS surface Pro it also can be used for some mild actual work (for example an accountant could enter some wick data to get some results in a meeting)

    and I think where the argument is that people don't understand tablets are often a supplement to a real PC, not a replacement So yes they have their purpose, but in many cases desktops have one too.
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    No I'm not. Touch and mobility are where its all going.
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    What I found interesting about this article is the possibility that such research may have influenced Microsoft to introduce the RT before the Pro, which many have lamented as a poor decision. Perhaps it was a wise decision, but ruined by the fact that it confused many people and the lack of apps made it uninviting.

    It also kind of supports the argument that the Windows 8 and RT functions should be separated, that is, make the Pro and all PCs pure desktop work devices and make the RT a cheap consumption device. Don't try and amalgamate the two. I know plenty of people with Apple and Android tablets and the last thing they want to do with them is anything work related.

    Clearly there are some who do want to use them for work related things, but they are possibly in the minority, as far as the general public is concerned. We shouldn't confuse Apple and Android users that have tablets for specific work functions like airline pilots for logs and manual etc.
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    As I almost always have my 7" tablet with me and have loaded a few wireless Network test tools on it I find it useful when attending a first meeting with a client, I can check network reach, Channel overlap and such, plus I have all my email. diary and Tasks available, on a device which is a lot better to read than my phone, and fully synched with base, It also contains a useful library of PDFs

    there are a couple of games on it, rarely used - It's a tool, that I've adapted, and adapted to
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    I'm am and always have been a phablet skeptic. Part of the reason why I was against tablets to being with was because of android and the ipad, they offer very little for me.

    I am not a tablet PC skeptic however.
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    I'm not a tablet skeptic at all. I could give you many examples, but here is one instance of what I see happening in my industry.

    Just got back from traveling to two days of meetings with a small national group of billion dollar retirement plan consultants.

    A year ago at this same meeting, there were only three tablets, a couple laptops and the rest used paper.

    At this year's meeting everyone had a devise: three laptops, eights iPads and one Windows RT tablet (mine). All the documents had been emailed out days before the meeting and we had them loaded on our devises. In addition, everyone was using them for note taking, retrieving information and documents from their company servers, sharing stuff by email during the meetings, etc. The meetings were very productive and not one of the tablet users would switch back to a laptop.

    Tablets in the business environments are here to stay and MSFT is on the right track, IMO.

    BTW, everyone wanted to see my Windows devise and were decidedly impressed, especially at how easy it integrated with my MSFT ecosystem -- not being able to always do so easily was some of the frustration the iPad users had. Two other Windows Phone users were sold and going to buy Win8 tablets ASAP.
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    I know a few people that wanted to buy an ipad, but didn't because of no USB ports or the fact you can't do anything on it that doesn't rely on a cloud service of some kind. That's the simple benefit of Windows 8 tablets, the little things you can't live without are there, especially the BIG ones too...
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Are you a tablet skeptic?
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