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When will Microsoft pull plug on your Windows or Office?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenda View Post
    Here's what I currently have running in I said earlier, this is only around half of them.
    That is definitely impressive.

    I think I can relate. I don't have a collection as vast as that, but I would find it difficult to part with some of my old stuff, like my retail box of Windows 95 that is sitting on my shelf, that I bought at CompUSA or something like that when it originally came out.

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    in one word ==> WOW!!!!!

    Great hobby indeed! And as you say, a great way to learn a lot about OS'en.


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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    Just popped Ubuntu 12 and Linux 14 Mate onto the VM as well.
    Posting this on Firefox in Mate now, in Virtual-Box..

    Wonder if it's working..... I do like this.....

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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    Cool, back on W8 again on the main machine, and out of the virtual box.

    Mint 'Mate' seems to work like a beauty.

    I like it!! A bit more than 'Cinnamon' at this stage, and I do like 'Cinnamon'.

    Got Ubuntu 12.10 as well, but not overly impressed with the interface.

    They breed.... (see below).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barman58 View Post
    Apart from the small minority of enthusiast computer users, the operating system is mainly irrelevant, this applies to the average Joe and Joanna in the street who change their OS with their hardware and to most Small businesses, who will also obtain the OS with new hardware.

    Large Commercial users have another parameter to add to the mix, Support, and Licensing costs, In a large company that has been using XP, for example, for a few years the support staff are comfortable with the support needs, and have built up an infrastructure geared at providing that support, The OS is mature enough to not need a lot of "tinkering", the software works to perform the task it's bought for, and importantly licensing has been paid for. They will often purchase new hardware with the OS Downgraded to the OS they are familiar with tho reduce their real costs, until there is some "killer" reason to do any different. this may be a lack of support for new hardware, or particular software. the upgrade is then planned meticulously, and implemented in a fully controlled way.

    You will normally see a mix of Operating systems in any large business, even after an upgrade has been implimented, due to the bad programming practices of the developers of older "bespoke" Software. This is often written with total disregard to the SDK for windows with hard coded links everywhere, it works for the OS it was written for but even a minor change, maybe for security reasons, to the original OS renders it useless - In a related example, How many companies still ran IE6 long after it was retired due to security risks, because they had bespoke Intranets written in a way that only worked with IE6

    Remember to a business a Computer and it's total software is a tool, for making profit by enhancing the business, nothing more, to the average home user, it's a gadget, a browser, or a games system, something to do the tax return on, or write a letter to Aunty Mabel, The OS is just there to do this out of the way, in the background, they see it for a few seconds a session

    The vast majority of business and General home users probably couldn't tell you what OS they use, and I'll guarantee, a significant number if asked would reply Word, Excel, Internet Explorer or similar, That's what they see eight hours a day to do their work or check Youtube or facebook.


    Hi there very true.

    It's not only Windows applications that cause companies to stay with an OS for lengthy periods - a lot of large companies have some incredibly expensive back office ERP and CRM software like SAP / ORACLE etc where the front end GUI's are all windows based and often only work with particular Windows versions at that.

    Software like SAP costs a fortune and upgrading releases is often a HUGE undertaking -- I know some consultants who've spent their entire careers on simply upgrading releases of SAP on client sites.

    Even when the software IS upgraded --for example a lot of SAP releases can now use a front end GUI on Windows 7 - but there are still pitfalls even when the upgrade from XP to Windows 7 appears to work correctly.

    For example with the SAP systems mentioned - Web services when called use IE - and while everything worked fine the whole kybosh came crashing to its knees when a couple of client W7 machines had installed the latest version of IE - IE 10.

    So the whole area of upgrades etc has to be handled very carefully in an enterprise situation -- even PARTS of the OS need to be checked out before the whole system can be properly rolled out. (IE 9 worked fine - IE 10 caused crash crash crash crash even in compatibilty mode. - This was nothing to do with IE 10 itself crashing - it worked flawlessly on the Windows clients it had been installed on).

    For home users like us we can just say "I don't like XXXX - I'll just use YYYY but businesses can't work like that -- and that's still why a lot are STILL on XP.

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    Great post there, Jimbo! I totally agree with you.

    At my office they just finished upgrading to Windows 7. Took them guys almost two years.... So, since february this year it was bye bye XP for me . The only 'problem' now is that, every time I start up the office laptop I find myself staring at the round button in the left bottom corner of the screen, wondering what the hell it is doing there .

    I just love Windows 8
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    We use Office 365 at work and other than a few teething problems getting started, it has worked well. I run Office 2013 at home and my wife will not let her Office 2007 go away. They bought extra licenses for her work just to avoid anything newer! Once I installed one of my copies of Office 2010 on her laptop. She made me change it back. I really don't mind Office 2013 too much and my only real complaint about it is it is a little bland looking.
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When will Microsoft pull plug on your Windows or Office?
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