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Firefox 20 improves private browsing, fixes 3 flaws

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seleen View Post
    Amen to that!

    For the past three weeks now I've been running a little internet experiment on myself by blocking all Google related products and services. Using Bing or Yahoo instead of Google. Outlook instead of Gmail, Skydrive instead of GDrive. Essentially all the alternatives to Google that exist. I must say, it has been quite a refreshing change of pace, Bing's daily photos are gorgeous and fun to see every morning and learning to use IE10 (Since I haven't used it since IE6) has been a rather enjoyable learning experience. The lack of addons in comparison to FF is a little upsetting but hidden deep in IE10's menus are some pretty strong privacy and site blocking menus.

    Back onto the thread topic! After giving FF20 a whirl, it certainly feels like it has sped up a little bit from its previous incarnation. I'll have to give it a try on the touchscreen laptop once I get to work! That was probably the catalyst which brought me to use IE10 (In desktop mode) for my lappy, it is very touchscreen friendly!
    Yep, I actually have my homepage set to Bing, I love the daily animated images... very pretty. I tried switching search providers but Google is simply too flexible.

    I would love to use IE and I tried to but I just can't. I need my plugins.

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    Old Download Manager

    To restore the old Download Manager:
    Quote Originally Posted by Lebon14
    I use Download Statusbar so I never use Firefox' embedded manager but, when I opened the new one just to check it out, it almost crashed Firefox because of how big my history of downloads has been and it almost crashed again when I clicked "Clear downloads". Yeah... No fan of that notification either because, like I said, I don't use FF's DL manager. Looks like I'll be modifying this command in about:config
    Change value to TRUE

    Thanks to Lebon14 (SevenForums) for that info.


    Some of my FF profiles (I've got 7) must have problems.

    The clear downloads problem I mentioned (post #5) only happens in one or two of them.
    The rest behave the same as with the new or the old Downloads Manager.
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Firefox 20 improves private browsing, fixes 3 flaws
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