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Just how much do people hate Windows 8?

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    Just how much do people hate Windows 8?

    Some of you don’t like Windows 8. And thanks to Internet comments and social media, you have lots of ways to express your loathing. But a closer look at one well-known real-world rating says Windows 8 might be more popular than you think.

    Windows 8 might be the most polarizing product that Microsoft has ever introduced.

    In fact, it might be one of the most polarizing tech products to ever see the light of day.

    There’s no question that Windows 8 has a large number of outright haters. It’s even inspired comparisons with the much-loathed Windows Vista.

    But it’s hard to tell whether that outpouring of anger is simply the echo chamber amplifying a vocal minority or whether it truly represents a widespread negative opinion.

    So instead of guessing, I went looking for data. And I found it in a familiar place: the product pages of, where thousands of Windows upgraders in the past six years have left ratings (on the familiar scale of 1 to 5 stars) and detailed feedback about their purchase.

    I went through more than 3000 ratings for upgrade versions of the three most recent versions of Windows and tallied those ratings to measure the love/hate rating for each one. (For details on methodology, see the end of this post.)

    The verdict?

    Read more at source:
    Just how much do people hate Windows 8? | ZDNet

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    Amazon as the definitive source of user joy?


    By the book of SHILLs, repost

    1. Anyone who says they don't like Windows 8 has never used it.

    2. Anyone who doesn't like Windows 8 is stupid.

    3. Anyone who doesn't like Windows 8 is "afraid" of change.

    4. I've upgraded my 8 year old laptop that has 1 GB ram and 80 GB HD with Windows 8 and it runs 10 times faster than with XP.

    5. I bought a Windows 8/Window RT device for each and every member of my family and they ALL simply LOVE it!

    6. Windows 8 is EXACTLY like Windows 7, only better!

    7. Metro UI is REALLY the same as the Start Menu.

    8. Poor acceptance of the Windows 8/Windows RT/Metro UI is all the fault of the "Apple Fanboi" and "Windows 8 hater" writers and blog posters. Their negative comments are what have caused the average non-technical consumer who never reads these web sites in the first place to stay away from Windows 8 in droves. If only the "press" had given Windows 8 a "fair" shake, it would have been a roaring success (even though the public doesn't read the tecnical press in the first place).

    9. I'm a business consultant and ALL of my business clients have been clammering for Windows 8 and they ALL just love it when I install it and they now realize how much FUN computing can be!

    10. I'm in IT and NONE of our employees have trouble learning Windows 8, and they LOVE it!

    11. You must be old!

    12. My 75 year old mother and my 5 year old girl are running Windows 8 with no problems.

    13. You are obviously a troll!
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    Hi there
    While the statistics have some merit we should note that Amazon has a vested interest in SELLING the products of course.

    I mean for example if you search hard enough you can probably find enough cases where people like Philip Morris (Tobacco company) could prove that smoking Cigarettes is actually GOOD for you and can prolong your life.

    I don't actually doubt for one minute that the "General population" hate W8 as much as some of the people on this Forum and particularly the W7 Forum do - from what I've seen myself people get on with it reasonably OK and it's only those who have literally 100's of applications on their PC's get "Stuck".

    The lack of take up etc can easily be explained by the general slow down in PC sales and the fact that current PC's have quite decent hardware so people don't need to go out and buy new ones.

    As people have said --W7 will be around for a long time so if you don't want to change to W8 then don't -- but increasingly people seem to like Windows looking a bit like their smart phones -- and really guys it's not hard to operate standard applications from W8.

    Where Ms would screw up big time if we can no longer have multiple re-sizeable windows -- but fixed non resizeable windows the number of which would be determined by the hardware --but I doubt whether Ms will ever go in that direction --the fact that Windows Blue can now run 4 metro apps concurrently shows that there is somebody at Redmond who actually understands that computers aren't "over grown" Mobile phones.

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    I predict that after a while all the fuss about Windows 8 will die down.

    Most computers in the world use Windows.
    People get freaked out by radical change.
    But after a while, they calm down.

    People probably think that they USED to be able to change colors of things & use Outlook Express as mail client & other familiar features.
    Which are now not available.
    I think most of the dislike is because of this.

    In the end I think people will find tweaks & workarounds & forget their grumpiness & get on with their computing experience.

    ( Until Windows 9 ! )
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    I just love Win 8, better than Win 7. Nothing is perfect. Few applications don't run under Win 8, I have alternatives application. Most of the time I enjoy Win8
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    Numbers never lie.
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    Numbers never lie
    They do, often. 100% for and 100% against > Leading Questions - Yes Prime Minister - YouTube
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    Ed Bott is a very repsected journalist. I usually enjoy his views. But I would say that a statistic derived from Amazon really says nothing about an Operating System. The fact that a 3 year old kid and an old gradma can get along with it is not a sign of proper design.

    I don't 'hate' Windows 8 and I can do anything I want with it. I just don't like it. It is incompatible with my way of operation. And that's why I will not use it as my workhorse OS.
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    Windows 8, I am getting there :)

    As with everything, new, has a learning curve. We recently changed our office location from Rockefeller plaza in NY to a building on 3rd avenue. Rockefeller plaza was a perfect location and our office was awesome. I was very familiar with my work place and I knew were everything was, In short I hated the move but it had to be done.

    Now we are at our new location things slowly fall in place and I am able to find my stuff again and the same thing happened with my windows 8, W8P and my Surface PRO.

    Find your way around, find the tools to do so (this site has many). In the two days I am a member I found several threads that made go..Ohhhhh

    Thanks girls and boys... keep up the F8
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    Quote Originally Posted by toraji View Post
    In short I hated the move but it had to be done.
    That's not good comparison. How are you commuting to work now? Same or different? If different, how different? Were you going by subway to your old building and now Piper Cub to your new one? Does your new building have conventional doors and elevators and hallways and bathrooms like the old building? Has the way you do your work fundamentally changed? You (and 90% of everyone else) are missing the point with 8 criticism.
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Just how much do people hate Windows 8?
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