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Windows Blue under the hood: MinKernel and BaseFS

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    Windows Blue under the hood: MinKernel and BaseFS

    Since rumors about Windows Blue first surfaced, there's been talk that the Windows 8 update would include more than just UI tweaks. Clues about some of these deeper level changes are emerging.

    With the recently leaked Windows Blue build out for the past few days, those downloading it are continuing to find new details as they dissect the code.

    While some of the early user-interface changes -- in some cases, making Windows Blue look and feel more like Windows Phone -- have been a big focus, the under-the-hood changes have gotten less coverage.

    Read more at source:
    Windows Blue under the hood: MinKernel and BaseFS | ZDNet

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    This is quite interesting.
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    Good find.

    ATM not all new features have been implemented on the leaked beta, there's much more coming to Blue in the upcoming public beta.
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    Very interesting indeed !
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    Blue Search Panel - Under the Hood

    There's something here under the hood !

    Windows Blue New Search Panel

    Click image for larger version

    All you need to do is to merge the code bellow into the registry and restart explorer

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    ... and to disable it, merge this

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    Or download and run the REG files bellow:

    Enable Search Panel.reg

    Disable Search Panel.reg

    Important Notes:

    It's still under building. It may crash explorer.exe, but causes no serious side effect.

    Explorer.exe must be restarted to have effect.

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    Windows Blue Build List

    Looking forward for x64 another leak !

    Last edited by vrosa; 21 Apr 2013 at 05:30.
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    I read about this recently, I have to say I am impressed with this! This is a good feature change to the Search Charm for sure! More like a universal search tool now.

    How does it with Settings and Files, does it just group it in the Search flyout like in the start menu?
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    Yes, it shows all results grouped in the panel body, just like in the start menu. I couldnt find find any settings results, but it's unfinished.
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    Windows Blue Slide to Shutdown Feature - Under the Hood

    Another feature under the hood.

    Click image for larger version

    To enable it simple run the file ..\\Windows\system32\SlideToShutdown.exe.
    I created a shortcut on desktop (S2SD).

    Click image for larger version

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    It looks very similar to the way I power off my Windows Phone 7.5 handset, so I guess it's another feature to bring the Windows UI together on Phones/Tablets/PCs.
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Windows Blue under the hood: MinKernel and BaseFS
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