Actually, I agree with you that parents foot a decent amount of the blame here, but there's the reality (at least in the US) that if you pay $60K+ for one job (non-teaching) and $25-35K for another (aka, starting salary for most teachers across the US, as an average), which ones are going to get filled first, and which ones are going to get the more qualified workers? Again, I reiterate that I would agree it almost always includes either blame or credit to the parents for a child's academic achievement, but the lack of an actual well-rounded education at the primary and post-primary levels is also severely hurting generations of students. A parent should be expected (and be responsible for) pushing their kids to do well in schools, but they shouldn't necessarily also be expected to provide the education that was once provided by the school system as well. Just my 2/100ths of a dollar, of course.