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Windows Blue: No Windows desktop mode!? No!

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    Windows Blue: No Windows desktop mode!? No!

    The early look at Blue have some Windows experts thinking that Microsoft is getting ready to dump Windows 8's desktop mode once and for all in favor of Metro. No!
    Read more at source:
    No Windows desktop mode!? No! | ZDNet

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    That will be the end of Microsoft…
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    OMG! I cant believe this...? Is this Really True...?
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    No one seriously believes this do they?

    There is too much bespoke corporate software in use for this to ever happen and that's just for office purposes. Windows is used for a hell of a lot more than just office software. Imagine just one automotive manufacturer for example and how many different adhoc applications Windows is used as a platform for and you start to realise that Metro will never replace Windows desktop in a corporate environment. Just not gonna happen.

    Unless of course they're planning to split Windows into consumer and business? Which is a rubbish idea.
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    Unless of course they're planning to split Windows into consumer and business?
    Not clear yet where they are going with that.

    There may develop a much bigger division between consumer ( basically a big phone os ) and Server type editions.
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    It's an article by Stephen J. Vaughn-Nichols, the "year of the desktop Linux" guy. It's a headline-grab for eyeball pulling, not a real story. Nothing to see here, really, except more of the same from zdnet.
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    NO! I really dont believe.

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    Even Windows RT has a desktop and also look at how long MSFT has had to maintain backwards compatibility of old legacy software in Windows. Can't see them dropping the desktop, but I can see that they want to make the Modern UI the future.
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    Yeah, right. That would seal their fate. It took like 10 years to go from 32 to 64 bit being the standard
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    Oh my gosh, one would have to be pretty gullible to believe that....

    No, they're not removing the Desktop. They can't, Blue is more of a move to provide a somewhat seamless transition off of it. There will be a PC Settings panel with more, PC settings. There is a rumored File Explorer app. IE 11 is improving on Downloads list and some other things. Apparently Microsoft is changing app snap to 50/50 although it should be more like an active adjust with the 50/50 snap. Once Office and the rest of the system apps get to be a good modern metro equivalent of the Desktop, that's basically that. Five to 10 years I give it for this to happen. The Desktop will probably remain in later versions in certain Pro editions of Windows to have the legacy UI. By then, a lot should be in the metro design and modern environment so that the average person won't need that legacy UI.

    And let the paranoid freak out in 3....2.....1....
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Windows Blue: No Windows desktop mode!? No!
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