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Blue Screen of Death Lives On in Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by vrosa View Post
    Now the BSODs are coming a bit more oftenly here, after I install lots of apps and games
    Well upload them in a new thread so we can take a look

    We do need the DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.

    You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.

    To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

    The procedure:

    * Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine. If you have uploaded DMPs before please only the new ones.
    * Zip up the copy.
    * Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.
    *If the files are too large please upload them to a file sharing service like "Rapidshare" and put a link to them in your reply.

    To ensure minidumps are enabled:

    * Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
    * Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
    * Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
    * Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box (the 256kb varies).
    * Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\Minidump.
    * OK your way out.
    * Reboot if changes have been made.
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    I must say, the new BSOD isn't so scary to see anymore, that is if you're already a veteran of the BSOD then this doesn't matter. I actually saw it today at my local att store with the Samsung Ativ tablet, it ain't Windows until it BSODs!

    It doesn't look like you divided by zero anymore, which is nice.
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    I haven't tried W8 yet and reading on how often the BSOD seems to appear, I likely won't. And since MS made the effort of making BSOD nice looking, they likely think it will show up often.

    People say W8 is more stable... but with my W7 installations I never see the BSOD (unless a really old installation where i goofed around with a very lot... but since W8 is new, this frightens me to have nearly virgin installations BSOD).

    My wife is using the PC mostly for her business, and i was thinking of testing the free trial version on a different PC and possibly purchase the cheaper version before January 2013. there is a possibility the printer won't work (it doesn't have drivers beyond W7), and if we can enable concurrent sessions (which W7 has a workaround). But it seems BSOD still will be possible (and nicer looking). Maybe better to wait for SP 1. but then again, I may as well wait for W9. i just built her the new PC and installed all her busines software etc. Maybe not worth spending time to do that for W8. If it wasn't for business i wouldn't mind playing aroudn with it and risking some BSOD and work on workaround.

    When W7 came out i didn't even bother thinking of waiting for SP1... even before SP1 it beat Vista SP2 and XP SP3 regarding stability and BSOD was a thing of the past. But it seems W8 makes it wore again. At least what I read here.
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    robc163 Junior Member

    I have not had a blue screen since I used Windows XP love windows 8 as well so smooth
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    W8 is very stable on four of my computers.
    A couple BSODs caused by a bad PSU, replaced it and stable again.
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    I have had one BSOD so far between a Laptop and a desktop but I do have an issue with my big download folder not responding so I have deleted some old downloads and it seems to be working better or opening faster. Loving W-8 Pro with Media Center.
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Blue Screen of Death Lives On in Windows 8
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