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And also, that ASUS isn't cheap hardware IN THE VERY SLIGHTEST. It normally retails from what I've physically seen for about 750 dollars, but that was with 8 gigs of RAM over the 6 listed online, two more than the Surface Pro. It's a very well built PC, if you've handled a Vizio ultrabook, it's that same caliber of quality.
If a 5400rpm hard drive and a maximum screen res of 1366x768 doesn't constitute cheap hardware.. what does? :>
I don't really care about the hard drive. The first thing I do with a new system is to replace the HDD with a SSD. Then I use the HDDs in my open USB caddies for imaging and other things.

The main reason they use 5400RPM drives in lieu of 7200RPM drives is a problem of heat. The 7200RPM drive produces more heat.