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Where is Windows heading?

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    Vista and Win7

    Here is a little sequence of postings that I just collected from another geek forum

    I got XP, Vista, and W7 machines running. Not giving any of them up until nothing works anymore
    Ya, I'm just wasting SSDs with Windows 8 cause I never use it and lack knowledge about it.
    Am going to re-image the Windows 8 SSD Arrays back to Windows 7.
    I'm all for new technology but, I pass on W8
    Windows 8 is basically made for an Entertainment Touch Tablet Device.
    If one needs to use Windows 8 Desktop Feature, then might as well use Real Desktop in Windows 7.
    yep. A toy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    One of the biggest reasons for 8 with the new interface is to be able to use it across multiple devices in conjunction with Windows phone 8. This will make it easier for the 90% that don't know and could care less how computers, devices, or phones work. It will become familiar and simple to use no matter what device one uses.

    Another good reason is to sync Start Screen, apps, some settings, Favorites, files, and other things automatically. One doesn't have to waste precious time transferring. We all have a certain amount of time on this planet, so time is a precious commodity. One realizes this as the older one gets. Personally I'd rather spend my time with loved ones or making money at what I do best.

    I look at the Start Screen as the combination of the Start Menu and the Desktop with gadgets. "Windows of the internet" so to speak. A launching platform with at-a-glance personal info. It is streamlined to boot quick using less resources. One sees all this personal info quickly so as to decide what to perform first, second, etc. Again, time saving. All Apps included.

    The Start Screen is also a larger platform for launching using touch. Scaled more to the human finger. 8 was written for touch centricity, but works well with other input peripherals.

    It also adds Modern/Metro Store apps. Personally I use and like many. I find them rather handy. There's nothing wrong with MS diversifying to gain more profit. Perfectly moral in capitalism.

    I think too many of us on this forum look at things through our "technology-knowledgeable eyes" so as to be prejudice. We are but a minute minority that use devices. We must include the greater majority. They have needs and desires also.
    Said well this is pretty much what I was trying to say. But said much more precisely and just all around better. Man I gotta start doing this more often.
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    The competition just keeps increasing:

    Last month, Samsung said it was working with Bhatia’s employer Genband, a large vendor selling unified communications software that lets companies carry voice calls, video, and IMs through internal Internet protocol networks on different devices. Genband will start by offering its software on Samsung tablets. If Samsung can make it simple to take company calls on its tablets, Wagner reasons, then businesses may be more likely to buy them—especially because tablets serve far more functions than hardware dedicated only to calling.

    Bhatia expects office PCs will go by the wayside further down the line—especially as companies use software on remote cloud servers. New possibilities could open up, such as a work communications system that knows where an employee is and rings different devices accordingly.

    Samsung won’t break out sales figures to businesses, but Wagner notes that the company did hit the 100 million mark for Samsung Galaxy S-series smartphones sold worldwide. With many people using their own devices at work, that may matter way more than anything else.

    “In the world of phones, you have to win in the consumer market to win in the business market,” says Forrester’s Schadler.
    Interesting thoughts.
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    Win 8, (VM win7, XP, Vista)

    Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.

    During this protest over ten million Chinese in nation wide China protested against the Chinese Government. Now this isn't about the social up raising, but the numbers. Yes ten million people is really a great deal of human bodies, however, when you have 1.3 billion (approximately at that time) then 10 million is less than 1% of the population, so do you really think the government could really care what they had to say; no.
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    With Windows 8 we are in it for a very long time.

    At the current rate, Windows 8 will overtake XP in Web usage in about a millenium.
    Pitiful Windows 8 adoption only part of Microsoft's worries | Microsoft windows - InfoWorld
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    Quote Originally Posted by [B
    Chiumiento[/B]: That Micrososft takes good decisions doesn't mean they must make bad decisons on other things. IMO everybody would be happy if they could take only good decisions and not bad ones, or correct the bad ones once they they appear to be bad.
    I think they will be changing Windows 8 a lot. But it is not something that is going to happen over night. I mean look how long it took them to get to Windows 7. I know we are in a lot more tech savvy era now. But it is still going to take people complaining and finding the not so good things in Windows 8. I think it is going to take at least a year before Windows 8 is even close to being really good and easy to use. But like I said before I think for a fresh brand new OS that the public has never seen or experienced much with at all. They have a done a good job.
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    Windows 10 x64

    Would you be happier with SP4 if it would be released? Many would. Unbelievable.
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    Hi there
    I really wish people could UNDERSTAND the statistics they are posting.

    A simple explanation is that some of these XP installations are on some ancient or even more really antiquated hardware running legacy devices and applications -- more recent equipment may already have been updated to W7.

    For example some types of measuring devices used in various laboratories, or Gas emission measurement hardware monitoring volcanoes, spectral analysis gear and so on --often highly specialized devices which are usually extremely expensive to replace / upgrade and these devices can be usefully deployed for 50 years or even longer.

    These old systems will just work until they are no longer required so of course I'd expect the decline in XP usage to start slowing as some of these will NEVER be upgraded but trashed when they no longer function.
    Simple explanation.

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    Vista and Win7

    Jimbo, that's a good point but I doubt that hardware monitoring volcanoes and alike make up one third of the OS market. There are certainly a lot of commercial users that are stuck with their program and hardware inventory, but there are probably also a lot that don't want to change because the change would cost them a lot of money in hardware, software and education.
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