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    24c, the shsxs renaming does the same thing as the reg tweak. Only thing i noticed with the shsxs was that the confidential ms bit on the wallpaper goes away leaving only the evaluation part. Did you notice any other difference?

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    Bill2 - It kept the Explorer Ribbon, and the dual monitor taskbar feature, as mentioned - - haven't checked much else yet, but will do later today.

    ETA - Task Manager, old version, seems to take a while to pop up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 24c View Post
    renaming the shsxs.dll file to shsxs.dll.old.
    works. The only drawback so far is that it takes longer to finish composing the desktop and taskbar after restart. Explorer new features are retained.
    Ribbon would be ok with me if I could choose from a much wider selection in the Quick Access toolbar, as in Office; at the moment there seem to be only 6 tools to select.
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    "renaming the shsxs.dll file to shsxs.dll.old"
    Too good to be true... you mess up the new Task Manager with this - you eventually get the old version after a long delay.
    Looking through the file with ResHack, there may be some more issues with some bits of Explorer, but haven't encountered any yet.
    Maybe someone can make an app that eats the other apps and then swallows the Start screen.
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    Another way to regain the old start Menu.
    Regedit -HKey_Current_User - Software - Microsoft -Windows - Currentversion - Explorer.
    Change the "RPEnabled " to 0.

    I did this as Global Admin but I don't know if that is needed.

    Click image for larger version
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    Well after about an hour of running Win 8 in Vbox, I deleted the vhd. Windows 8 will work great for a smart phone or tablet, desktops not so much I think. Metro, what the heck is that for? I've found no way to close a Metro app after opening.
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    Guess you didn't read my earlier post directed to your earlier post..
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    Windows 8 = :banghead:

    So far not for me - I do not use a tablet or a touch screen monitor at this time, so not for me. Without Metro it is just Win 7 as has been stated a few times in this thread, and as I already have it, why spend more money?
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    From some of the reactions on this thread, it seems that even on eight forums, Windows 8 doesn't cut it.

    Strange, I personally thought Vista was rock solid, whilst Windows 7 was just a minor upgrade (which it was in almost any sense). Here we are talking about a real major Windows release. They have basically changed so many things, and I have to say most of it for the better.

    Yes the metro start menu needs getting used to, however I am not reverting back to the old start menu, been there and done that. In fact, the new one is just as fast as the old one, I used the search option mainly to start apps, well you can still do the exact same thing in the metro start menu, so I see no real reason to be wanting the old startmenu back. This will rock on a tablet, and I find it somewhat disappointing that Apple has locked down the A5 so much that I can't put the metro UI on the Ipad2, as it totally owns the boring IOS icon grid !

    But enough about the metro UI, look at the numerous enhancements they made to the good old desktop, Explorer ribbon making file management so much quicker, tons of new shortcuts, nice gimmicks for the multi monitor people. And most of all, the inclusion of Hyper-v into the client OS ! No more dual booting Server 2008R2, just so I can run more then two VM's concurrently, without my system grinding to a stop due to the type 2 hypervisor Vmware workstation, or worse virtual box. Hyper-v as a type 1 hypervisor offers such a huge performance increase, that this alone would me want to replace Windows 7 immediately. I actually removed SRV2008R2 and replaced it with Windows 8, and I might not boot into Win 7 much..
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    Just saw this
    How to Download and Install Windows 8 on a New Partition | PCWorld

    But I am probably late with posting this...
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Windows 8 Developer Preview release
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