According to the boss at Nvidia, there is every possibility that Windows Phone apps could well run on Microsoftís next operating system- Windows 8. I think youíll agree with me and say that thatís very good news not only for app-makers but also for Windows Phone itself.

Even Microsoft know that Windows Phone 7 is going to have to fight pretty hard if it wantís to gain any traction in the smartphone world. At the moment itís only hanging in there at around 2% of the market, while Android and iOS are battling it out for the top spot. One of the main reasons why Windows Phone 7 is struggling is because of its lack of apps, and because of that lack of apps less people are adopting these devices. Since less people are using these devices, app-makers arenít really bothered to develop new apps. This vicious circle is a right headache for any company.
Could Windows 8 Support Windows Phone 7 Apps?