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Windows 8 swells to 2.7% of OS market

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcnulty View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    What I've yet to get is why people are so antsy about Windows 8. Don't want apps? Uninstall all of them. Work in the Desktop? You can make the Start Screen reflect that, so it's just a giant start menu the size of the Desktop. That's essentially it. That's essentially the point that all the overly vocal critics ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL seem to over shoot the runway with. EVERY SINGLE TIME

    "I don't like the apps and they can't window!" Then don't use them.
    "The Start Screen gets in my way!" And the start menu doesn't?
    "The Start Screen is only meant for tablets and desktops should have a menu!" That's what basically Windows 7 was doing, the SAME UI on tablets, netbooks, laptops, and desktops.
    "It's confusing!" Then learn it and don't be confused anymore.
    "I want a start menu!" Then install one.

    I've seen toddlers get over tantrums faster than this....
    Some people don't like a touch UI slapped on top of their desktop OS. I don't know why that is so hard for you to grasp.
    Yes I don't like it either but one click or with one of the start apps I can ignore it.

    I don't think it's good uptake is so slow considering the cost to upgrade until the end of Jan was minimal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    apple releases something that isn't that revolutionary or better than other products, yet everyone is crapping their pants. It's an illusion that it's apple and that's that and it must be had.
    But many of their products have been far ahead of the curve and that did set a precidence and expectation. The iPod might not have been the 1st MP3 player, but it certainly was implemented well. The iPod become the Kleenex of the MP3 player world. Sure, there are other brands of tissue, but everybody calls it Kleenex. The iPhone was another successful product.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I don't get why people to go the mac, it's gross quite frankly.
    Some would argue the same thing about the new UI experience in Windows 8. It all comes down to personal preference.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    The thing I KNOW for a fact would piss me off is the bland silver chrome interface. Can't change it without Terminal and skills. That's not a Personal Computer, that's steve jobs' computer.
    Well, we cannot disable the Start Screen anymore, we cannot change the background of the start screen without third party applications, we cannot have the classic start menu in this version of Windows without 3rd parties. Seems a lot of the "personal" aspects of the computer is leaving Windows as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I live in the modern age with a modern OS, not one that I would give my grandparents who have never used a computer before other than a calculator...
    Quite frankly, the OSX system is pretty old now. Apple is taking the "don't fix what isn't broken approach".

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Then there are the apps and lack thereof. And the lack of gaming thereof.
    It's never been a gaming platform. And there are many computer users who aren't gamers and don't care at all.

    As far as lack of apps go, there seems to be enough to keep the Apple users happy. And so many things are built into the OS that people want, without having to get 3rd party apps. Nice DVD authoring applications, things like GarageBand, etc. And they have the big app support too, like MS Office, or Photoshop, or ProTools, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    And don't get me started on the cost!
    Cost is always a concern. But you never find a Mac with a crappy monitor. And when you need support, the Apple experience is pretty darn good. For many people, being able to just walk into an Apple store and get their stuff exchanged whenever anything goes wrong, beats the pants of having to send it in and wait for it to be shipped back to you.

    Quote Originally Posted by BillWindows View Post
    The thing with all this hating on Windows 8 is that it's killing the goose that lays the Golden Eggs. Microsoft made it possible for the whole world to own cheap computers in all shapes and sizes, and now we're condemning them for trying to stay afloat.
    Bill, the world is changing. "Golden Eggs"...that might be a stretch. Regardless of what happens with Windows 8, I don't think MS is going anywhere. They survived Vista no problem. Windows 8 unhappiness isn't anywhere near Vista unhappiness. And we have to keep in mind that laptops and personal computer sales are falling off dramatically. MS wasn't having to weather "that", when Vista was out. That's probably a lot of the reason that Windows 8 isn't doing better than it is.

    Quote Originally Posted by BillWindows View Post
    What would happen if MS were to close down tomorrow, I know what would happen, the world would be in turmoil. I know this is a bit melodramatic, but to me it almost seems that that's what people want.
    I don't think many dissenters want MS to shut down and go away. But I think many who are unhappy with Windows 8 would have been quite a bit happier with some customization choices. I know for a fact that I would. I realize MS has a reason to force it upon us...but that doesn't mean that I have to personally like that choice any better.

    While I haven't been a big Windows 8 fan, and I failed to see any value in upgrading my Windows 7 PC's (thus I didn't spend $39 for any of my existing machines), when I did get a new laptop at work, I got it with Windows 8 and I'm trying to force myself to come to terms with it. With some third party tools and a few extra bucks, I can make it work for me. I just hope for improvements in future releases that make it less frustrating to use than I find it today.
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    I think Microsoft is looking into the future, I can walk into any store and any kid under the age of twelve is more then capable of using a mouse especially kids over 4-5 but I see everyone of them using a touch screen feature. By no means am I saying the key board and mouse are going away but I do see what market Microsoft is really targeting which is not the 30+ years group because it is a dying market.
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    It's all these poor suckers that have to buy a new PC for one reason or another that make the Windows 8 inventory grow. If those new PCs were offered with an option of Windows 8 or Windows 7, the growth would dwindle. Already the sales people in the brick and mortar stores would recommend Windows 7 to avoid unneccessary trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMGrier View Post
    I think Microsoft is looking into the future, I can walk into any store and any kid under the age of twelve is more then capable of using a mouse especially kids over 4-5 but I see everyone of them using a touch screen feature. By no means am I saying the key board and mouse are going away but I do see what market Microsoft is really targeting which is not the 30+ years group because it is a dying market.
    I am in the 75+ group and I was buying PCs all the time. I won't any more. Windows 8 is killing the PC market unless you go with Linux. Fortunately I have enough PCs now that I can live for a while. And I am also moving to Linux Mint Mate. That is a good alternative. The installation and handling of Linux Mint Mate - Tutorial - Windows 7 Support Forums
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    They will be aware it is going badly.

    Question is - what are they going to do about it?

    Are they actually going to fix the dealbreakers, or will they push on hoping to wear down the population by a process of attrition.

    I suspect they may do the latter. It is what they want, and they may feel safe from attack.

    It doesn't look like there is anything on the immediate horizon from Apple or the Linux camp that could threaten - but you never know.

    Oem's might finally decide they need to take concerted action and get together to support the devlopmentof a more user friendly Linux distro - or Timmy might go for it.

    If Tim does go for it - MS will be in all kinds of difficulty.

    I think he may have something else in mind - home automation type stuff.

    We shall see.
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    Even if it was totally different, I'm not sure sales would be gangbusters. People are moving away from desktops and laptops. Business moves slow and needs proven and stable.
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    People are moving away from desktops and laptops.

    are perhaps.

    Seems more likely that many are buying portable things as well as using a proper machine.

    If it was a popular os - it would be doing a lot better than it is now. I expect many do not want to change what they already have - not for something with win 8 on it.

    I hear British pc manufacturers are selling about 90% of their new pc's with win 7 on them. Because the customers ask for it.

    The sensible thing would be to use their existing customers to expand into the portable devices. Make those 2bn or whatever it is happy. Make them want to to - not just upgrade their pc - but also have that warm fuzzy feeling about MS and buy the windows portables as well.

    That is not happening. Quite the opposite.
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    All this talk of moving away from desktops. There are things that really can only be done properly on a desktop. For instance, gamers who enjoy a 20" or higher 1080p+ screen with 3D and top notch gpu performance and a real keyboard/mouse to interface with the games properly and comfortably. A tablet or mobile device could never replicate this. Even when they manage to fit a GTX 690 inside a tiny tablet, a gamer still won't wanna play such games by touching on a 10" screen.

    Then we got professional designers. Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Maya, and other big name production software will always demand a fully featured desktop computer. These programs have dozens, if not hundreds of hotkeys and shortcuts and features that would not be feasible on a touchscreen keypad or crammed into a small form. Not to mention the raw performance demand of these apps, as well as storage space (you can't put 4TB of space in a tablet).

    Businesses require a lot of database management, this means software like Microsoft Access and Excel which require large screen real-estate and once again, hotkeys and shortcuts to work efficiently. No one will ever be as good at typing on a mobile device as some well trained typists on a real full size keyboard. Never going to happen. Some people get paid big money to type nonstop from morning till late afternoon to keep a business going fluidly.

    Desktops are not 'going away', they are not 'dying', and they are not the 'way of the dinosaur'. Sure, the everyday social person who just surfs the web and checks their email and trolls facebook all day is moving away from desktops... but not anyone who uses a computer for more than the basic novelties.

    Windows 8 clearly is taking this into account, with its duality. Microsoft knows people need the desktop, that's why it's still there. However business users, gamers, professional designers, and enthusiasts alone won't make them the mountain of cash they are after. All those casual social users that are moving on to simple mobile devices are also being targeted, hence the "Metro" introduction to Windows 8. Windows 8 is two things at once. People are slow to adopt it, but whatever.

    Personally, I am fine with the start screen and everything. I just want my Aero glass back for normal everyday desktop pretty and I want the ability to temporarily disable DWM so I can actually livestream games again with proper performance when it comes down to that. But whatev. Perhaps this will force livestream software developers into capturing the desktop in a better way that best works with composition for once.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, people need to keep voicing their displeasure at how Windows 8 has been implemented on the desktop as a constant reminder to Microsoft that this is a major problem. It also confirms to new readers of this forum that they are not alone in feeling this way and may prompt them to post as well. It's the only way that Microsoft will acknowledge that they must give their dedicated userbase better choice.

    If all we hear from are a few happy users and the regular Windows 8 lovers, then it'll become a pretty one-sided argument. It's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil and the squeaking is growing louder. Soon enough, even Balmer will have to acknowledge that they have gone too far.
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Windows 8 swells to 2.7% of OS market
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