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Windows 8 Features What will it Microsoft Add?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CovertDeath View Post
    and once downloaded, how do you expect to install such software onto a computer if all you have is Bios and no Optical Drive?

    CD/DVD drives are here for a while longer... and if you don't want one then just don't use it, but don't say no one should have them, they only cost 20 bucks and work well.

    USB flash drive or external HDD are two options.

    I don't think anyone said 'no one should have them', just that they are going to start to be phased out.
    Replaced by 'something' else, as was the floppy drive.
    I remember not to long ago people were saying a computer can't function without a floppy drive, that they would never be without one.
    Back then I said pretty much the same thing as mentioned about the CD/DVD drives.

    They're not bad, they shouldn't be banned from the planet and if anyone wants to keep using them, I'm sure people will, it is of coarse their prerogative.

    I haven't used one very often in the last three years, and see them as fading away from the standard, must have, component in a computer system.
    As long as there is a SATA port, USB port or other possible connection they can easily be added.
    I just think they will stop being a standard feature, and it is time to move to other means of storage.

    Just my humble opinion.
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    I can agree with that, Dave. However, I still often get DVDs from friends with pics they want to share.

    I don't think everyone's internet connection has reached the point wherein DVDs will become a thing of the past.

    Once that happens, perhaps. We'll also need more robust and free file-sharing venues wherein those pics can be shared without requiring one to join a social network.

    Things always change slowly. Would I have thought, 20 years ago, I'd be doing some of the things I now do on a computer? Certainly not.

    Still, I prefer to have more ownership of what I do and not rely on whether or not I have an internet connection. Sometimes, simpler is better.

    The only reason floppy drives went the way of the dinosaur is because better alternatives with more storage and faster access became available. It wasn't because the purpose changed.
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    I think one of the key words is what you said mikedl,

    Ownership, Some people like having the Physical disk/drive" feeling in their hand. The ability to control it.

    I'm on the fence with this one...
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    Yeah, Ryan, we'll get there eventually but it will be a bit.

    I'm certainly no Luddite but I like knowing where my data is stored and that I have unfettered access to it.

    I'm not on the fence yet ... I'm still on this side but, then, I've been drug over other fences in the past.
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    You can always D/L and store it where ever is convenient, hard drive, flash drive, even DVD if you prefer.
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    I still use my DVD drive a lot. I'm always burning something, and not only movies and music... I still prefer the good old DVD installation method to pens. It's not coming to an end !
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    DVD drives will not disappear from standard PC specs that quickly. People are too used to buying games and software on DVDs to stop that suddenly, and anyway, other rumors say Xbox 360 games will be playable on W8, but how does that work without a DVD drive???

    Windows 8 Allows Xbox 360 Games to be Played on PC
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Windows 8 Features What will it Microsoft Add?
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