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Windows 8 doesn’t include our DVD playback support

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    Windows 8 doesn’t include our DVD playback support

    Dolby admitted on Thursday that current builds of Windows 8 do not include the company’s Dolby Digital Plus technologies.
    Dolby revealed the omission on a post-earnings conference call on Thursday. “We have recently learned that our technologies are not currently included in the Windows 8 operating system under development,” said a statement by Dolby. “If our technologies are not included in the commercial version of Windows 8, we expect to support DVD playback functionality by increasingly licensing our technologies directly to OEMs and ISVs, and we will seek to extend our technologies to further support online content playback.”
    Dolby: Windows 8 doesn’t include our DVD playback support | WinRumors

    More -
    Dolby: Our technologies are not built into Microsoft's Windows 8 | ZDNet

    Windows 8 To Ditch DVD Support?

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    This may be do to native Blu Ray playback support been in Windows 8? Microsoft my bring in or create there own software that will allow 7.1. Just a thought.
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    Maybe a cloud player?

    A Guy
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    Hope there will be more options than the ..ahm... cloud
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    Microsoft Potentially Dropping Dolby Support in Windows 8

    Native media playback support has been steadily improving in Windows over the years, but what most people don’t realize is that this functionality comes at a price. Dozens of third party licensing agreements are needed to playback all the different forms of audio and video you’re likely to stumble across, and over the years Dolby has benefited quite handsomely from the inclusion of its Dolby Digital Plus pack into Microsoft’s operating systems.
    Read more at: Maximum PC | Microsoft Potentially Dropping Dolby Support in Windows 8
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    In some ways, this could be good, as it would reduce the price of Windows 8, and there is VLC as a free alternative.

    That being said, is Dolby used just for the playback of DVDs or is it also used for audio?
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    This sucks. Hopefully they update windows media player or media center. This is sad news. Bleh.
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    What a mess this could turn out to be for the millions who have digitized their entire CD, DVD, & BD libraries! MS please work this out with Dolby! Wait... what are all the business people going to do without the ability to watch a movie in their Win8 laptops while flying? What am I going to do???

    As usual in this rapidly deteriorating world we live in... everything revolves around corporate greed! The Revolution is near... be prepared!
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    I, like a lot of other people were hopeing that MS would allow media centre to play Blu-ray without the need for 3rd party software. But again, there is talk that CD/DVD are on the way out, but I wonder what will take their place.
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    Eventually, the answer will be streaming from a centralized server. But, it's sort of silly to assume that's the answer in 2011 or even 2012 even if Microsoft thinks that is what the future will be.
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Windows 8 doesn’t include our DVD playback support
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